Jack Nicklaus Thinks PGA Tour Officials Are Doing a Great Job

"I think the PGA Tour’s schedule is fantastic."

by Sead Dedovic
Jack Nicklaus Thinks PGA Tour Officials Are Doing a Great Job
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Legendary Jack Nicklaus is not happy with the current situation in the golf scene. He expected things to be more transparent and for golf to remain as it was in previous years. The conflict between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour isn't producing any results, at least not for the betterment of golf. 

Jack Nicklaus, along with Arnold Palmer and some other important players, played a big part in creating the PGA Tour we know today. They did this in 1968 by separating it from the PGA of America. This change allowed them to have more say in things like when tournaments happen and how prize money is given out. It was a big step in making professional golf what it is today.

Nicklaus confirmed in an interview with Golf Channel that their actions were intended to advance golf. He isn't sure if the current events are in the best interest of golf. Nicklaus emphasized that they wanted players to have more control, which was the case for the past 56 years.

"We tried to do it in the best interests of the game," Nicklaus told Live from The Players Championship on Golf Channel.

"The PGA of America is who we separated from, but when we formed the Policy Board we had three PGA of America executives on the board so they had a big say in things.

We didn't want to break away from them as the game, we just felt that players should control their own destiny, and they have been now for the last 56 years."

Jack Nicklaus takes part in the 1963 Open Championship
Jack Nicklaus takes part in the 1963 Open Championship© Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Nicklaus is aware that there are currently a lot of issues that both the PGA Tour and LIV Golf need to work on. He believes that it's in everyone's best interest to see the best players competing together. It's difficult to conclude whether unification will happen, as negotiations have been drawn out and there is still no final agreement between the PGA Tour and PIF. 

What may please PGA Tour executives is Nicklaus's happiness and excitement about the changes presented by PGA Tour leaders. He is impressed by the PGA Tour schedule and believes that this Tour will produce many stars in the future.

Jack Nicklaus with the trophy after his victory in the British Open (1966)
Jack Nicklaus with the trophy after his victory in the British Open (1966)© Central Press/Getty Images

Jack is a man with a huge experience in the golf scene. What he has achieved few will succeed. His advice can be crucial for the current leaders of both Tours to finally move in the right direction. This is the direction that will ensure that the future of golf is brighter, that many young talents emerge, and that we watch the best on TV.

“We've got a few issues we’ve got to clean up right now. But I would always like to see the best players in the world play together.

They do at the Major championships right now to a certain degree, a few of the LIV players go there but not very many as only the ones who’ve qualified for them get in.

I think the PGA Tour’s schedule is fantastic. Now being able to play the signature tournaments but also the tournament they're building in between, they're building new stars, giving new people the opportunity to move up in the rankings.

I think the PGA structure is pretty darn good right now."-he continued.

Jay Nicklaus shared his opinion on the merger and LIV Golf in January of this year

In a conversation from January of this year, Nicklaus discussed the merger between the PGA Tour and PIF, as well as the date when negotiations could be concluded. Jack revealed that he had spoken with Monahan several weeks before that interview and asked Monahan not to tell him what they were doing and how the negotiations were going. 

Nicklaus doesn't want to know all the details because he doesn't want to give reporters answers when he actually doesn't know what's happening. 

Although he didn't know how the negotiations were going at that time, Nicklaus emphasized that he hoped LIV Golf and the PGA Tour would do everything to advance golf and make fans happy. This former great golfer then confirmed that he had a positive opinion of LIV Golf, which is a great addition to the game. He is aware of the impact LIV Golf has had and believes it will have a huge impact in the future.

We'll see what the upcoming days and weeks may bring, with optimism that golf could experience unification. We'll watch this year's Majors without some stars who have chosen a different path, aiming to earn money and play fewer events. Given how quickly things change, we could see some innovations again soon.

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