Jay Monahan Provides Negotiation Update with PIF, Confirms Meeting

“The conversation throughout was constructive and represents an important part of our due diligence process in selecting potential investors for PGA Tour Enterprises."

by Sead Dedovic
Jay Monahan Provides Negotiation Update with PIF, Confirms Meeting
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PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, PGA Tour players, and Yasir Al-Rumayyan, Governor of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), met to discuss the future of the PGA Tour and PIF's intentions to invest a significant amount of money in this Tour. Although negotiations began in June last year, an agreement has not yet been reached. The latest deadline was December 31 last year, but negotiations continued despite this. 

The meeting was attended by player directors on the board: Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, Peter Malnati, and Webb Simpson. In addition to them, Patrick Cantlay, one of the six-player directors on the PGA Tour board, also attended the meeting. 

Jay Monahan confirmed via social media that Yasir had communicated with the players, presenting them with plans for the future. 

PIF is aware that the PGA Tour is not experiencing its best days, but it is ready to invest money and help them return to their former glory. 

Monahan did not want to reveal any further details, aware that the media could distort or change the story. His stance is to continue with such a policy in the future, as he does not want to jeopardize these negotiations. It seems that when an agreement is reached (if it is), Jay Monahan will confirm it publicly.

Monahan is aware of the importance of this negotiation and what it could mean for the future of the Tour. On the other hand, Monahan wants the players to also decide about their future, given that last year he made a huge mistake when he entered into negotiations without prior notice to the golfers. This time, Jay wants to change his leadership style, aware that the players must also ask about the future of the Tour.

“The conversation throughout was constructive and represents an important part of our due diligence process in selecting potential investors for PGA Tour Enterprises. This mirrors the approach we employed earlier this year as we evaluated an investment offer from the Strategic Sports Group. During the session, Yasir had a chance to introduce himself to our player directors and talk through his vision, priorities and motivations for investing in professional golf.

As we continue these discussions with the PIF, we will keep you updated as much as possible, but please understand that we need to maintain our position of not conducting negotiations in public. To that end, we will provide no further comments to the media at this time.”-Jay Monahan wrote.

Yasir Al-Rumayyan
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What will SSG investment mean for the PGA Tour?

What can delight PGA Tour fans and golfers alike is the enormous amount of money that SSG has decided to invest in PGA Tour Enterprises earlier this year. According to media reports, SSG has invested nearly $3 billion. This is a huge sum that will certainly impact this Tour. 

After all the negative events surrounding the PGA Tour, players on this Tour are now much more optimistic about the future. They want the PGA Tour to lead the way and put an end to the trend of the best players leaving this Tour. 

SSG leaders have expressed their willingness to collaborate with the PGA Tour, to enhance this brand. Time will tell what SSG's intentions are and whether they will indeed make changes.

Jay Monahan is happy and excited about the deal with SSG

Jay Monahan has previously expressed his excitement regarding the agreement reached with SSG. The PGA Tour commissioner believes that SSG consists of loyal and committed partners, who will help this product to remain the best with joint efforts. Monahan hopes that the PGA Tour can continue at the same pace in the future. It is imperative to achieve many partnerships and progress, although this will not be an easy task. 

Jay Monahan
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Monahan also talked about partnerships and media rights deals with NBC, Golf Channel, CBS, ESPN+ and many more. He believes that the partnership with SSG will enable investment in new technology, new data and how sport will be presented.

The PGA Tour commissioner explained that during the decision-making process involving potential investors, the PGA Tour's board unanimously chose to proceed with SSG on December 7th. It was considered crucial for both SSG and the PGA Tour to directly engage with the Public Investment Fund (PIF) before finalizing any deal. 

This led Monahan to join representatives from SSG on a trip to Saudi Arabia to meet with Yasir Al-Rumayyan and other members of PIF. These efforts were aimed at encouraging productive discussions and ensuring that all parties were aligned before moving forward with any agreements.

Time will tell if the deal between PGA Tour and PIF will be reached.

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