Webb Simpson on Tiger Woods' Role in Negotiations with PIF

Webb Simpson confirmed that Tiger is a great leader and someone they have high expectations for going forward

by Sead Dedovic
Webb Simpson on Tiger Woods' Role in Negotiations with PIF
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Tiger Woods is a key figure in negotiations between the PGA Tour and PIF. In a recent meeting between PIF boss Yasir Al-Rumayyan and player directors on the PGA Tour policy board, it seems that progress has been made. Webb Simpson, one of the six-player directors, had nothing but praise for Tiger Woods, who evidently played a leading role in these negotiations. 

Having such an experienced person as a negotiator is indeed crucial. Moreover, having an influential figure like Tiger gives you even more reason for optimism. 

Webb Simpson confirmed that Tiger is a great leader and someone they have high expectations for going forward. Despite his injury, Tiger has not hesitated to be involved in PGA Tour affairs over the past few months. He has used every opportunity to help the Tour develop in the right direction, so fans and golfers of this Tour can be happy.

"He’s a great leader and I really think he’s taken the position of our leader and we rely on him a lot," Simpson said, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

Simpson believes that this is a great thing for golfers to be involved in negotiations with Al-Rumayyan. He will show them in the best way what they can expect from this negotiation and how it will affect the future of the PGA Tour.

Webb Simpson
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Simpson is a person who is optimistic and has high expectations from this deal, with the hope that better days await the PGA Tour.

"I don’t know what exactly it’s going to look like in a year or two or three or five. It felt like it was the next right thing."- he said.

Simpson aimed to understand the ideas Al-Rumayyan had, not only for the PGA Tour but also for LIV Golf. Learning about LIV was also Simpson's goal. It appears that the PIF boss received a lot of questions to which he had to provide accurate answers. Judging by the reactions of golfers like Simpson, the meeting was successful, and both sides were content with the discussions. We certainly won't find out more information, as both the PGA Tour and PIF leaders are striving to keep things mysterious.

"What I was interested in going there was to learn more about who he is and what he’s thinking. Learn about LIV more. What was your intention and hope there? How’s it going? All that kind of stuff. A meet and greet and learn. "- he continued.

Al-Rumayyan is a man with extensive experience and someone who knows how to negotiate in the right way. No one doubts that PIF has a serious plan regarding the PGA Tour, aiming to improve the PGA Tour and, of course, make a profit. Both sides benefit from this agreement. A large number of golfers primarily want this deal to happen because they desire to see the best golfers playing in one place.

Simpson believes that the goal of these negotiations was to establish the positions on both sides and to address certain uncertainties regarding everything.

"I think he wanted to learn from us kind of what we think. We wanted to figure out what he thinks.”

During the meeting, Simpson mentioned that although they didn't discuss specific details, he was pleased with the overall discussion. 

Webb Simpson
Webb Simpson© Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images Sport

While they didn't go into detail about the intentions of the PIF or LIV Golf, it was clear that the boss was invested in seeing the sport grow on a global scale, potentially including growth initiatives in Saudi Arabia. Despite the length of the meeting, Simpson emphasized that it was friendly and productive, with no tension between the parties involved.

Will the negotiations be concluded soon?!

These statements by Simpson are an indication that an agreement could be reached soon. Dividing the golf scene did not prove to be the best solution, especially for fans of this sport who want to see the best golfers under one roof. Talks about the merger have been going on for 9 months, but there is still no final agreement. However, things could change rapidly in the coming period, especially after the optimistic statements of all parties.

The PGA Tour is already excited because of the deal with SSG, who invested a lot of money in this Tour. Another thing that makes the PGA Tour happy is that the negotiations with the PIF seem to be going in the right direction, as Jay Monahan, the commissioner of this Tour, said. Monahan pointed out that he could not give too much information about the progress of the negotiations, but he confirmed that an agreement could be reached soon, although there are some obstacles.

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