Edoardo Molinari: Criticizes Young Golfers Joining LIV Golf, Questions Career Moves

“Honestly I don’t understand players who are 20 or 30 years old and risk throwing away their careers to go to LIV Golf."

by Sead Dedovic
Edoardo Molinari: Criticizes Young Golfers Joining LIV Golf, Questions Career Moves
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Great golfer and Ryder Cup vice-captain Edoardo Molinari is one of those who doesn't understand why young golfers are deciding to join LIV Golf. This 43-year-old golfer doesn't comprehend why individuals are opting for such moves, considering that they are ruining their careers in doing so. 

For years, the PGA Tour has been the place for the best golfers and talents. Since childhood and their first encounter with golf, every golfer has dreamed of being part of this Tour and winning Majors. 

However, things have changed in the last two years. Money has become the main motivation for everyone, including young golfers. The latest golfer to leave is Jon Rahm, causing shock in the golf scene. 

In an interview with the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport, Molinari emphasized that he doesn't understand the decisions of golfers who are 20, 30 years old to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf.

“Honestly I don’t understand players who are 20 or 30 years old and risk throwing away their careers to go to LIV Golf. Of course, if they come to me and offer me 300 million, it would change my life but they haven’t come."- Edoardo Molinari told Gazzetta dello Sport!

Young Nicolai Hojgaard is one of the individuals who turned down an offer from LIV Golf. The promising Dane has shown that prestige and trophies are more important to him than money. Molinari and his colleagues believe that Hojgaard made the right decision, considering that the PGA Tour can offer him more in terms of winning trophies and achieving success.

Nicolai Hojgaard
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Molinari is aware that it's difficult to turn down a huge sum of money, especially for young golfers, but if you're building your career as a young player, it's crucial to prioritize trophies and success over money.

“A few weeks ago I was speaking to Nicolai Hojgaard, who had a good offer but turned it down because he knows that if he continues to play well, he will still earn a lot of money but will be freer to make certain decisions and will be sure of playing the Majors.

It is difficult to say no in front of a lot of money, but if you make choices based only on money you risk regretting them a little. Tomorrow"- he continued. 

Nicolai is only 23 years old, yet many already consider him one of the greatest talents on the golf scene. The fact that he competed in last year's Ryder Cup when the Europeans won the trophy speaks volumes about his qualities. His skills have impressed many top golfers who expect nothing but the best from him.

Nicolai Hojgaard
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There is question whether the brilliant Jon Rahm and several others will have the opportunity to compete in the Ryder Cup next year in the US. The imperative of Molinari and other leading figures in the European Ryder Cup team is to secure the best players for the competition. 

They know it will be an excellent opportunity for Europeans to reclaim the trophy. Winning the trophy on foreign soil at the Ryder Cup is considered by many as one of the greatest achievements. 

Jon Rahm has expressed his desire and optimism that certain things could change in the near future, indicating that he could play in the Ryder Cup next year.

Edoardo Molinari hopes Rahm will play in the 2025 Ryder Cup

Molinari also expressed his belief that in two years, regardless of their affiliations, players like Rahm and Hatton will find a way to be part of the Ryder Cup team, as long as they maintain their membership with the European Tour.

He emphasized that players like Rahm have a strong desire to compete in the Ryder Cup, regardless of any potential costs or circumstances, suggesting that Rahm is unlikely to abandon the European circuit.

Jon Rahm
Jon Rahm© Manuel Velasquez / Getty Images Sport

The Italian emphasized that this time there won't be huge expectations regarding the success of the European team in 2025. One of the reasons is that, according to him, winning on foreign soil is almost impossible. Molinari stresses that the team achieving such a feat will be remembered, while the defeated team will feel terrible. Playing without pressure is a great thing and a good foundation for success. Edoardo believes that this is a huge advantage for them, and they will try to create even more pressure on the US team.

Although the next Ryder Cup seems far away, time really flies. We hope to watch an exciting competition, with the optimism that things on the golf scene will become much calmer and better for everyone by then.

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