Thomas Picks Scottie Scheffler as Golf's Top Performer During Tiger Woods' Break

“In terms of consistency and who has played the best, nobody holds a candle to Scottie in the last couple years,”

by Sead Dedovic
Thomas Picks Scottie Scheffler as Golf's Top Performer During Tiger Woods' Break
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Scottie Scheffler is, looking at the golf scene, the player who attracts the most attention. The 27-year-old golfer has had a brilliant season behind him, and in 2024, he continued in the same manner. Many have noticed his qualities and have only words of praise for what Scheffler does.

Justin Thomas, his colleague, gave interesting comments about Sheffler during the press conference at Valspar. Thomas believes that Scheffler is the best golfer when it comes to consistency and quality. His debate about the best couldn't go without mentioning the legendary name: Tiger Woods. Although he has been absent for a long time and not sufficiently ready to play, Woods still attracts attention. 

Since Woods is currently not playing, Thomas chose Scheffler as the best. The young American is a golfer expected to break many records in the future.

“In terms of consistency and who has played the best, nobody holds a candle to Scottie in the last couple years,” Thomas said, as quoted by Irish Golfer!

“But, to me, dominance is winning and winning a lot and often, and I guess when nobody has had Tiger-like kind of things, then it’s whoever’s done it the most. So I would say probably Scottie.

When I think of dominant [right now], I mean, yeah, it’s got to be Scottie,” Thomas continued.

Tiger Woods
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Justin Thomas talked about the idea of whether Scottie Scheffler could be considered the dominant player in the golf world, referring to the era of "The Big Four" in 2016 featuring McIlroy, Day, Spieth, and Johnson. Being alongside such big names in the golf scene is a big deal, but the form Scheffler is in suggests that he is currently better than the mentioned ones, at least in terms of form.

Thomas stresses that it's a complex question, as the perception of dominance varies depending on the individual and their preferences. Thomas reflects on how certain players like Rory or Jordan Spieth bring excitement to the game, not just through their performances but also through their personalities and on-course anecdotes. Rory McIlroy is a man who has dominated the golf scene for years, and it's not fair to make comparisons between the Northern Irishman and other golfers. However, Scheffler is on a good path to breaking records and becoming as big a name as Rory. Golf fans have divided opinions, so it's difficult to go into details about who is better and who might have a better future.

Justin Thomas suggests that the unpredictability and entertainment value they bring might make them more appealing to watch, despite not necessarily being as consistently dominant as others. Golf is a sport that has many aspects that require attention. Therefore, drawing conclusions based on some things isn't necessarily the best approach.

Justin Thomas
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Thomas also admits that seeing other players excel can serve as motivation for him and likely for others too, as it pushes them to improve their own game. Ultimately, Thomas emphasizes that the concept of dominance in golf is subjective and varies from person to person.

Scottie Scheffler and Justin Thomas' performance

Scheffler managed to secure a victory at the Players Championship last week. It's impressive that he achieved such a feat last year as well. With this year's win, he became the first player to win this competition in consecutive years. Scheffler considers this an impressive accomplishment that will motivate him for what lies ahead. Scottie is aware that achieving such success is not easy. It requires determination, focus, and dedication. The 27-year-old golfer also spoke about the mental aspect of golf, realizing that for such success, you must be mentally strong. Scheffler remains relaxed on the golf course, which is the first step to success. Year after year, he progresses more, becoming increasingly relaxed, and the rewards come as a result.

Scottie Scheffler
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Justin Thomas, on the other hand, can't be happy with his performances, considering he fell from the top of the Valspar Championship leaderboard to almost last place. It seemed like Thomas was on track to break his streak and achieve victory, but his focus was lacking when it was most needed. The third round didn't bring him anything good. Hopefully, such a failure won't shake him. Thomas has shown he's a great golfer, but it's evident he needs to work a lot on the mental aspect of his game.

Golf is a sport where things change quickly. For him, the priority must be to stay calm, focused, and believe that the upcoming tournaments will bring something better for him. Thomas needs to understand that.

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