Childhood Meeting with Michael Jordan Leads Justin Thomas to Purchase First Car

"He knew I played golf, but he didn’t know that I was... decent."- Thomas said.

by Sead Dedovic
Childhood Meeting with Michael Jordan Leads Justin Thomas to Purchase First Car
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Justin Thomas isn't particularly happy with his recent performances, but after the latest at the Valspar Championship, the brilliant golfer decided to attend a game between the New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons with his wife. Following the game visit, Thomas appeared on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert', discussing interesting topics and events in his career. 

The host of the show wanted to learn more about Thomas, and one story particularly amused and impressed many. During the show, the host showed a picture of Justin Thomas at 15 years old with Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player. 

The 30-year-old golfer confirmed that Michael Jordan often visited the Kentucky Derby and afterward wanted to play golf. Since Justin's father, Mike Thomas, knew Junior Bridgeman, Jordan would play at their local club. 

Michael Jordan
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Justin Thomas confirmed that his father's course was not particularly modern. Although as a child he helped out there, later they asked him to play, noticing that he possessed huge talent. Initially, no one knew how great of a golfer Justin was, but over time they became convinced of it.

"I didn't play the first couple of years. My dad's course was very old school - no tee times, no rules really, just go play as a sixsome or whatever, no caddies. So I would be the caddie for the group.

First couple of years, I'd help them out. And, finally, in that third year - the last year they came out - he would call me 'Little Man', so he said 'Little Man, go get your clubs because you're going to play the last seven holes with us.'

He knew I played golf, but he didn’t know that I was... decent, and nobody else definitely had any idea. He goes 'I'll take Little Man and whoever wants us.' Everybody else is just looking at this kid who is 111lb."- Justin Thomas said, as reported by!

Justin Thomas in 2009
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Stephen Colbert was interested in whether Jordan put pressure on Thomas, and this great golfer denied such a thing. However, he emphasized that he felt pressure playing with Michael Jordan. He knew how popular and important a person Jordan was.

Regarding the results, Thomas laughed and honestly said;

“I made four birdies in seven holes and helped pay for my first car!"

Justin Thomas, still a child at that time, didn't know about the stakes. It was only after finishing the round that he found out. Justin Thomas confirmed that he wasn't aware of the amount at stake, as Jordan had instructed everyone not to tell him what they were playing for because he would freak out. Justin confirmed that he won 3-4 grand. 

Justin Thomas and his father
Justin Thomas and his father Andy Lyons/Getty Images Sport

Then, an assistant who helped with everything appeared, and his father gave him an important lesson, telling him that he had to tip him. He was surprised and wondered whom he should "tip." That's when his father clarified: Matt, the assistant.

Thomas had $100 bills at that moment, and he gave them to the assistant. His father was surprised and couldn't believe that he tipped with $100. Thomas said that was all he had.

Justin Thomas and his father

This is an interesting anecdote that talks about how love for golf is created from a young age and children are taught important things and manners. Justin Tomas was lucky to grow up with his father, who was an important guide throughout his childhood and career. Thomas used every moment for me to learn something new and progress as a golfer and as a person. 

Justin Thomas has spoken several times so far about what an honor it is to play with his father, after the PNC Championship. This great golf spoke about playing with his father as a unique thing that cannot be forgotten.

Playing with Michael Jordan was a huge experience for the then 15-year-old golfer who was just entering the world of adults. Thomas still has a great opinion of Jordan and remembers his childhood and such moments with nostalgia.

Few could have predicted that a few years later, Thomas would become a respectable golfer and one of the best in the world. His qualities became visible not only to Jordan and his father's friends, but also to the whole world.

It can be said that Justin Thomas built his career a long time ago and became a name that causes fear among his opponents. This 30-year-old intends to give his best in the future and progress on the golf scene.

Soon we will have the opportunity to watch him in big tournaments, with the optimism that he can make great results. We can always expect that from him.

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