PGA Tour veteran finds Mickelson's decisions logical: I would also go for the money

"They wanted to play for a lot of money, and they deserve it. They have had some great careers."

by Sead Dedovic
PGA Tour veteran finds Mickelson's decisions logical: I would also go for the money
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PGA Tour player Chris DiMarco surprised many with his interview on the Subpar Podcast. The departure of PGA Tour players and their joining LIV Golf sparked significant criticism and a multitude of reactions. Golf fans did not expect individuals to so easily abandon the PGA Tour and join the rival Tour for money. 

However, the situation was quite different. A large number of stars decided to chase after money rather than remain part of a Tour with tradition and prestige. 

Those who stayed on the PGA Tour immediately criticized their colleagues, emphasizing that they should not have the right to ranking points, participation in Majors, etc. Nevertheless, some believe that the majority made reasonable decisions. One of them is Chris DiMarco. He stresses that Phil Mickelson and other PGA Tour stars deserve to play for huge money.

"They wanted to play for a lot of money, and they deserve it. They have had some great careers, why not go and get some money?" Chris DiMarco told the Subpar Podcast, as quoted by MIRROR!

Chris DiMarco
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DiMarco confirmed that he had spoken with Graeme McDowell, who revealed to him details of his conversation with PGA Tour commissioner, Jay Monahan. McDowell, like everyone else, was tempted, contemplating what joining LIV Golf would offer him financially. Graeme couldn't resist such an offer, so he confirmed to Monahan that he would leave the Tour. DiMarco understands his decision and believes he would do the same.

Graeme McDowell
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"I saw Graeme McDowell at the Old Memorial Pro Member, and he goes, 'Listen, I went up to Jay Monahan and said I love the tour but I am struggling to keep my card and these guys are offering me all this money and less golf. I’m sorry, I’m going.' And I do not blame him one bit, and I said I would have too."- he continued.

DiMarco is not someone who has great respect for Monahan, dissatisfied with his actions last year. The fact is that many golfers are also unhappy with Jay Monahan's philosophy, considering that Monahan's actions have caused even greater chaos in the golf scene. At the time when in June last year he confirmed negotiations about the merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, several golfers decided to react and confirm that they had not been informed about any negotiations at all. 

Jay Monahan
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Their dissatisfaction only deepened due to the lack of involvement in the negotiations and poor treatment by PGA Tour leaders. DiMarco is frustrated with Monahan's approach at the moment when he confirmed negotiations with PIF. The 55-year-old golfer believes that individuals who remained part of the PGA Tour deserve more respect from Monahan.

"Not to bash Jay Monahan, but I think he handled it terribly. In the beginning have the cut and dry [stance] that he did, I think it was a little too much.

I think he should have let some of this soak in and see what was going to happen, and he just got to a point where it got black and white, that’s it. I think he could have done a little bit better of a job with that, the guys had stuck by. Like Rory McIlroy, these guys have turned down a lot of money and what do they have to show for it? These guys get to come back and play, I’d be pretty ticked off if I was them."

Chris DiMarco is disappointed with his colleagues

DiMarco is still disappointed with some of his colleagues, mostly because of their dishonesty. Namely, in justifying their decision to join LIV Golf, most golfers confirmed that the primary motive was to play fewer events and the project presented to them by LIV Golf. Few are those who honestly admitted that money was the main driver of their decision. 

DiMarco considers such things hypocritical, aware that money is the only true reason behind such decisions. However, he does not want to deny that many have deserved such an opportunity. This experienced golfer emphasizes that individuals who have built their careers for years and achieved success in the golf scene deserve a chance to earn significant money.

Judging by the statements of PGA Tour players, more and more of them are supporting LIV Golfers, as if they have a plan to follow the same path. It is hard to expect that DiMarco will get an offer to join LIV Golf, but younger and more promising golfers could certainly be tempted in the coming period. LIV Golf is ready to give huge money if they intend to sign someone.

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