Graeme McDowell: No regrets joining LIV Golf. I hate where the game is right now

McDowell is one of those who isn't happy with the current situation in the golf scene

by Sead Dedovic
Graeme McDowell: No regrets joining LIV Golf. I hate where the game is right now
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The golf world has been in uncertainty for quite some time. The question arises: what can we expect in the coming days and months, with optimism that things can truly resemble how they once were? The division between the LIV Golf and PGA Tour has brought about significant changes in the golf world. Although there's optimism that LIV Golf and the PGA Tour will find common ground, a final agreement between them is still awaited.

Recent statements from PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan provide optimism that these two sides can come to an agreement and bring happiness to everyone in the golf scene. Monahan emphasized that he cannot disclose the direction of the negotiations, noting that there have been obstacles. Nevertheless, he believes that an agreement will be reached soon.

Monahan is doing a much better job than before. The PGA Tour Commissioner is willing to make changes when it comes to the Tour, with optimism that better days await this Tour. Jay isn't particularly liked among players and fans, especially since the moment he didn't disclose to the players that the PGA Tour was negotiating with PIF. His actions have potentially led to the departure of some other golfers from the PGA Tour.

Many important players from the PGA Tour have decided to make changes in their careers and embark on a path that has sparked a great deal of criticism towards them. Graeme McDowell is one of those who decided to leave the PGA Tour and join the LIV Golf. McDowell emphasized that he has no regrets about his decision and believes he did what was best for him. McDowell made the unpopular decision to join the Saudi-backed Tour as early as 2022.

McDowell is one of those who isn't happy with the current situation in the golf scene, hoping that better days are ahead for golf. He's aware that as an individual, he can't influence much on the outcome of the future, emphasizing that the leading bodies in the world of golf hold the main say. For him, the priority is to give his best from tournament to tournament.

"Certainly no regrets. I don't have any personal regrets.

I hate where the game kind of is right now and that's obviously not necessarily on me, that's just with the powers that be within the game of golf. I think, ultimately, we're going to come out the other side of this with the game of golf in great shape."- he said, as quoted by Bunkered!

Graeme McDowell
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Every sport changes over time, aiming to increase marketability, excitement, and attract fans. McDowell believes that it was to be expected that someone would emerge who could change the situation in the golf scene. He stresses that LIV Golf is probably a great thing for golf, considering they have brought many positive aspects. On the other hand, change can also bring some painful things for everyone. Division is the last thing we want to see, but unity could drastically change things. McDowell eagerly awaits what will happen in the coming period. This great golfer wants to see his colleagues playing in one place again.

"I think in any business there's always disruption, inevitably there's going to be disruption. I think LIV has been a very healthy disruptor to a sport that the business model was slightly wrong and things needed to change. Unfortunately, change can be painful, but I think we're through a lot of the pain.”- he continued.

Graeme McDowell explains his decision

Describing the challenges he faced at the beginning of his adventure at LIV Golf, McDowell explained that it was tough, especially since he was among the original participants in the initial push when they had to go against the norm. It's always challenging to be among the first to embark on a path that may not cause the best reactions. McDowell showed courage in those moments, risking a lot.

However, as they are now a third of the way into their third season, McDowell feels optimistic due to the team, the product, and the media coverage they have. He believes that the momentum is strong and is increasingly confident that joining LIV Golf was the right decision.  LIV Golf is experiencing growth day by day, and LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman believes that the best is yet to come. Norman expects LIV Golf to take the lead in the upcoming period and break many records.

McDowell expressed satisfaction with his current situation, enjoying his schedule and the opportunity to compete against top players while spending great time with his family. One of the motives for playing at LIV Golf was to play as few tournaments as possible, and at the same time to have more time to spend with my family.

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