Paul McGinley on the PGA Tour-PIF deal: Both parties are still far apart

McGinley doesn't want PIF and the PGA Tour to break off negotiations

by Sead Dedovic
Paul McGinley on the PGA Tour-PIF deal: Both parties are still far apart
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At this moment, it's difficult to predict the developments in the golf scene in the coming period, but there is a huge optimism that both sides, PIF and PGA Tour, will reach an agreement. Although PGA Tour commissioner, Jay Monahan, recently pointed out that it's hard to predict when the final deal will come, his statement about being on track to finalize the agreement has sparked optimism. 

Many wonder what the world of golf will look like after such an agreement is reached! 

Paul McGinley, former Ryder Cup captain, predicted when the deal could be reached. McGinley isn't particularly optimistic that an agreement will be reached soon.

"Don't hold your breath. I think both parties are still wide away from each other in terms of where the common ground is."- McGinley said, as quoted by GolfMonthly!

Paul McGinley on SSG investment in PGA Tour

SSG's investment in the PGA Tour doesn't necessarily indicate that the PGA Tour and PIF will reach an agreement. The fact that the PGA Tour now has significant funds suggests that they may not see a deal with PIF as necessary. On the other hand, PGA Tour leaders would like to see the best players under one roof, aware that this is what fans want. 

McGinley highlighted that SSG's investment could be a major obstacle to reaching a deal, at least in the near future. LIV Golf executives are not pleased with PIF's moves, that's for sure, but the question is how this will affect their potential deal. 

McGinley doesn't want PIF and the PGA Tour to break off negotiations, as it would be disappointing for everyone. However, Paul is aware that it could be a long time before an agreement is reached. He's not someone who expects things to be resolved soon.

"There's a lot of resolve on the PGA Tour side to say, 'we're OK, we've got this investment in from the Strategic Sports Group, let's batten down the hatches and go.

And LIV are the same: 'If you're doing that, well we'll batten down the hatches too and we'll go.

And I'm in the middle thinking, 'well that's not going to be good for golf.' I hope that doesn't happen. But we could have to be resigned to that.

It could be a few more years before we see any kind of daylight, unfortunately. And I don't think golf is going to thrive in that period of time."- he continued.

Jon Rahm impressed the golfing world last year by winning the Masters, arguably the tournament that golfers most aspire to conquer. The Spaniard showed remarkable skill throughout the entire event, wearing the prestigious Green Jacket. 

Jon Rahm
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However, his decision to leave the PGA Tour a few months later came as a shock to many. Despite Rahm's dominance on the PGA Tour, he believed that joining LIV Golf was the best option for him. The substantial offer he received from LIV Golf was difficult to refuse. 

Paul McGinley on the 2024 Masters

McGinley reflected on the Masters and the fact that we won't be able to see the best golfers compete in one place. The division has not brought any benefits to anyone. Both LIV Golfers and the PGA Tour face a similar problem: the inability to play against the best. 

Paul also touched on Rahm's departure and the hopes that many had at the time that a PIF-PGA Tour deal could be reached quickly. However, several months later, there are still no signs that the deal will be reached.

Jon Rahm will be playing at the Masters this year, ready to make a great success and attempt to lift the trophy once again. Rahm knows it's a tough task, but he's optimistic that he can achieve similar success. The Spaniard is likely motivated by all the criticism and comments following his departure from the PGA Tour, ready to give his all. 

This year's Masters will offer us a lot, with much attention also focused on Rory McIlroy, who has been waiting for his Masters title for years. The Northern Irishman doesn't want pressure to get the best of him this time, aiming not to repeat the same mistakes from previous years. The Masters has the potential to offer us a lot, with hopes of witnessing brilliant golf and amazing moments.

As the top two favorites according to bookmakers, Scottie Scheffler leads the pack, currently in exceptional form. Following closely behind is Rory McIlroy. Alongside them, other notable names include Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spieth, Viktor Hovland, and Will Zalatoris.

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