Ian Poulter Breaks Silence with Statement on Augusta Appearance

Poulter has great memories of the Masters, given that he achieved great results playing there

by Sead Dedovic
Ian Poulter Breaks Silence with Statement on Augusta Appearance
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LIV Golfer, Ian Poulter surprised many by admitting that he will not play at the Masters, which will start in seven days. Rumors about his appearance at the Masters arose after he was seen at Augusta playing a full round. Poulter denied through social media that he would perform at the Masters.

"For clarity I will not be playing The Masters this year," Poulter wrote!

Poulter has great memories of the Masters, given that he achieved great results playing there. Poulter confirmed that his appearance in 2021 is also his last appearance at the Masters. Poulter reflected on the Masters 2019 and his positive results.

"I was invited to play by a member and it was in incredible condition. I last played the tournament in 2021. And that will be my last competitive Masters. I had a chance in 2019 and came up short. I have no regrets at all. I had 9 Top 25 finishes in the 16 I played. Only missed the cut once. It's a truly special place."- he wrote!

Looking at the history of his appearances at this tournament, Poulter even managed to finish in the top ten three times. His move to LIV Golf changed Poulter's plans for his future.

The question is how Poulter would be received at this tournament given some of his previous statements that didn't sit well with his colleagues on the PGA Tour. Poulter is known for being straightforward about his views, often challenging those who criticize him. 

In a message to fans a few months ago, Poulter sent a clear message to PGA Tour golfers who changed their stance on LIV Golf. While many initially pointed fingers at LIV Golf, harshly criticizing the Tour, attitudes eventually shifted. 

Ian Poulter
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Poulter highlighted on Instagram stories that "being two faces a terrible trait." He believes it's shameful to change one's stance just to appear clever. He's content with where he stands and confirmed he's tired of arguments and callouts. 

Although many thought his remarks were aimed at PGA Tour star Rory McIlroy, Poulter clarified that McIlroy wasn't his target. In fact, Poulter commended Rory for speaking out publicly a few months ago, stressing that LIV Golfers are welcome to the PGA Tour. 

Poulter believes that no problem is too big to be solved through dialogue and coffee. Continuing his address, the great golfer affirmed that his statements were directed at some other golfers who have become heroes by calling out others. He believes such matters are difficult to reconcile in a short period.

Ian Poulter reveals his reasons for joining LIV Golf

As we have already said, Ian Poulter surprised many by joining LIV Golf, causing a large number of reactions, mostly negative. Explaining his decision, Poulter pointed out that he is happy with this project, believing that LIV Golf has the potential for great things. The LIV platform gives them great chances when it comes to the future and development. Poulter highlighted the LIV Golf vision as one of the main reasons for joining this Tour. Ian confirmed that he is proud to be part of this Tour, ready to achieve great things in the future.

LIV Golf executives knew how to lure PGA Tour players with their project.

"Don't know if it (LIV Golf) has brought us together but we understood the ability of what this would give us. It gives us a platform to play golf, the same way the European tour has a platform, same way the Asian Tour and the same way the PGA tour. And players like myself have played these tours and tournaments all over the globe for 24 years. This is another outlet for us to be able to go and play golf. This is why we took the choice to join LIV, we saw the vision, we saw the brand and how it would add to the team format situation and I am proud to be in a position where we have our team set." 

The 46-year-old golfer believes that LIV Golf has shaken up the sport, but on the other hand, this is a new entity that tends to grow rapidly in a short period of time. Poulter is delighted with the number of fans which is rapidly growing day by day. 

In addition, the team format is one of the reasons for joining this Tour, Poulter emphasized. 

Ian believes that LIV Golf is competitive, considering the number of talented and quality players on this Tour. Ian emphasized that he is ready to please the fans, not only him but also other golfers. However, Poulter is not happy with OWGR, as they have not yet been awarded points.

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