New DP World Tour CEO Guy Kinnings Aims for Unity in the Golf Scene

"I’ve been lucky enough to be in a lot of recent discussions that have been going on, and I’m optimistic that we can look forward to a bright future for the sport."

by Sead Dedovic
New DP World Tour CEO Guy Kinnings Aims for Unity in the Golf Scene
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After Keith Pelley concluded his tenure at the DP World Tour, the new DP World Tour CEO, Guy Kinnings, will take his place. Judging by his statements and optimism, Kinnings will be a great addition to the DP World Tour. In a media interview after officially assuming the CEO role, Kinnings emphasized that this is a proud day for him and his family. Holding such a position is certainly a great privilege, and he has serious intentions regarding the future of this Tour. He also didn't forget to praise the rich history of this Tour.

“Today is a very proud day for me and my family.

It is a real privilege to become the Chief Executive of the European Tour Group and it is a responsibility I do not take lightly. Our Tour has such a wonderful history, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to help shape the next exciting phase in its evolution."- Kinnings said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

DP World Tour CEO, Guy Kinnings
DP World Tour CEO, Guy Kinnings© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

Considering that many golfers have expressed a desire to see golf as a global sport played on every corner of the planet, Kinnings shares this view. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with players, partners, the board, and staff, and believes that this is a great opportunity for key figures in the world of golf to focus on unification and the progress of golf. Such a situation does not benefit any of the Tours, given the divisions that exist. Additionally, having dissatisfied players on your Tour who don't have the chance to play with the best is a frustrating situation from which no one benefits. The new DP World Tour CEO is optimistic. It is the most important thing at this moment.

“I have been working closely with our players, our Board, our partners and our staff over the past six years and I feel we have a great opportunity to look forward and to focus on unity and alignment in the game.

I’ve been lucky enough to be in a lot of recent discussions that have been going on, and I’m optimistic that we can look forward to a bright future for the sport."

Guy Kinnings on the role of the DP World Tour in the globalization of golf

Kinnings suggests that there has been a noticeable change in how people perceive golf, with a greater emphasis on its global appeal. He emphasizes that this shift aligns well with the strengths of the DP World Tour. With their extensive global presence and decades of experience organizing events worldwide, they are well-positioned to contribute positively to the development of the sport on a global scale. DP World Tour is a Tour with prestige and tradition, and their plans for the future are really interesting.

It is difficult to give a real answer as to whether the future will bring about a unification when it comes to the world of golf, but at this moment there are no indications that an agreement will be reached, at least not soon. New information and new statements arrive every day. It is difficult to understand what is true. It is to be hoped that the leaders of the big tours have an understanding, hoping they will reach a final deal.

Guy Kinnings and his interesting CW

Guy Kinnings, originally from Wolverhampton, began his career as a solicitor before transitioning into the golf industry. Joining IMG in 1989, he played various roles over his 29-year tenure, including Senior Vice President and Global Head of Golf. During his time at IMG, he managed sponsorship programs with major brands like Rolex and organized a lot of golf events. Kinnings served as Colin Montgomerie's manager during the golfer's peak years. In 2018, Kinnings moved to the European Tour, where he held roles such as Deputy CEO and Ryder Cup Director. His focus has been on improving the Ryder Cup experience for both spectators and viewers while securing its commercial success.

A person with this kind of CW like Guy Kinnings will surely be a great addition to the DP World Tour. There are great expectations from him, especially now that the world of golf, as well as the DP World Tour, is in a transition process. Kinnings is aware that he will not have an easy task, considering that there could be pressure from players, colleagues, and fans when it comes to his moves or something completely different in the future.

However, taking on this role also means that you need to have a special mindset, ready for everything. We have no doubt that Guy prepared for this challenge adequately, and we hope that the DP World Tour, just like other Tours, will experience a revival in the coming period.

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