Dustin Johnson on Jon Rahm's Masters Menu Pick and Reuniting with Former Colleagues

"I have seen the menu, yes. I'm sure it's going be fantastic."

by Sead Dedovic
Dustin Johnson on Jon Rahm's Masters Menu Pick and Reuniting with Former Colleagues
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Considering that he won the Masters last year, Jon Rahm will have the opportunity to present his dishes at the Masters dinner this year. The Spaniard revealed that his menu will include Spanish delights, such as tapas and dishes from the Basque region. 

Many players, even all players, may be unfamiliar with these dishes, so it will be interesting to see their reactions. 

However, even before they have the chance to taste Spanish cuisine, some of the golfers have decided to react to Rahm's menu. 

Dustin Johnson is one of them. He admitted that he has seen the menu and expects it to be fantastic. He's still not sure what it's about, but he knows there's ham involved. Johnson confirmed that he has a great opinion of Spanish cuisine and has no doubt that the Masters' dinner will be a great experience for everyone, including himself.

"I have seen the menu, yes. I'm sure it's going be fantastic. I don't know what a lot of it is. I do know there's ham. Playing in Spain last year, I ate a lot of ham, so I know that's going to be great. I love Spanish food; I'm just not that familiar with it. But I can imagine it's going to be great."-Johnson said, as quoted by EXPRESS

Jon Rahm
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Dustin Johnson wants to achieve the same feat as he did four years ago when he won the Masters. Winning such a competition is every golfer's dream. The competition at this year's Masters will be huge, just like in previous years. The best golfers have the opportunity to compete in this tournament, all motivated and ready to go all the way. 

Johnson hasn't been happy with his performances since earlier, specifically since last year. However, this year he seems to have a completely different mindset, ready for things to be much better this time. Johnson believes that putting in the effort will be a big deal. He has worked hard this year, preparing for this competition. Dustin is a golfer of top quality, and we have no doubt that he will be excellent at this year's Masters.

"Last year, I struggled a little bit, didn't play near as well as I'd like to. But this year, obviously getting off to a little bit better start, I feel like the game's in really good form.

To be honest, putting in a little more work. just wasn't pleased with my results. Putting in the effort, I think, is the biggest thing. I just wasn't happy with the way I played. So, I'm working a little bit harder this year."

Dustin Johnson on his PGA Tour colleagues

Dustin Johnson will have the opportunity to compete against his former colleagues from the PGA Tour. Johnson was part of the PGA Tour until 2022 when he made the bizarre decision to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf. The 39-year-old golfer knows his opponents well, understanding who poses the greatest threat. Fans expect McIlroy or Scheffler to potentially win this year's competition, but it's really hard to make accurate predictions regarding the winner. 

Johnson emphasized that he has played with all PGA Tour golfers and knows how to handle them. He also pointed out that he had no problems last year, as the situation seemed quite normal. With tensions now even lower than before, Dustin shouldn't have any problems at all.

"I've played with all of them for a long time, so I know how my game stacks up against them.

Even last year going to Augusta felt normal. I've stayed close with all the guys that play the game. Especially all the guys that I've always hung out with. Living down in Jupiter, Florida, you know half the world of golf lives down here."

Dustin Johnson expressed his anticipation for competing at the Masters, highlighting his consistent excitement for the event each year. He considers it an honor to participate and appreciates the opportunity to compete as a champion. Returning to the Masters is something he anticipates.

According to many, Johnson is one of the favorites to win this competition. Given that LIV Golf and the PGA Tour operate as separate entities, and that a large number of golf fans do not watch LIV Golf events as much, it is difficult to conclude what Johnson and his colleague from LIV Golf can do in a few days.

According to many, the most interesting person will be Rory McIlroy, who will try again to wear the Green Jacket and fulfill his dream.

This year's Masters will be interesting in many ways, and we hope for an excited and great game without sparks.

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