Guy Kinning, the DP has a new helmsman

The landscape of European professional golf is set to embark on a new chapter with Guy Kinnings' rise to the helm of the European Tour Group

by Andrea Gussoni
Guy Kinning, the DP has a new helmsman
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The landscape of European professional golf is set to embark on a new chapter with Guy Kinnings' rise to the helm of the European Tour Group. After 29 years at the prominent sports marketing agency IMG, Kinnings now assumes a triple role as Vice-CEO, Commercial Director, and Executive Director of Ryder Cup Europe, solidifying himself as a key figure in the industry.

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His arrival comes at a crucial moment for the European Tour, with challenges and opportunities on the horizon. Among his most notable successes, Kinnings played a pivotal role in negotiating the Strategic Alliance with the PGA Tour in 2020, contributing to the increase in prize money on the European Tour.

Additionally, he spearheaded the agreement that saw DP World become the title sponsor of the European Tour in 2022, ensuring greater financial stability. However, it is in his role as Executive Director of the Ryder Cup that Kinnings has shown his most impactful leadership.

The journey from victory in Paris, to the defeat at Whistling Straits, and the triumph in Rome was the result of impeccable organizational work, confirming his value in the realm of international golf. Now, at the helm of the European Tour Group, Kinnings faces a new challenge: closing the definitive agreement between the professional Tours, which expires next week.

This delicate task requires expert guidance and a clear vision to ensure the future success of the European Tour. With his solid background and extensive experience in the industry, Kinnings is undoubtedly the right man for the job.

While his task is not without its challenges, his dedication and determination promise to lead European golf to new heights of success. His appointment as the fifth Commissioner of the European Tour marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for professional golf in Europe.

With Kinnings at the helm, the future of European golf looks bright and full of opportunities. The European Tour was established by the Professional Golfers' Association, based in England, and its management responsibility was transferred to the independent organization PGA European Tour in 1984.

While most tournaments of the three tours under the European Tour umbrella take place in Europe, in recent years, an increasing number of events have been organized in other parts of the world. The PGA European Tour is a player-controlled organization whose main purpose is to maximize financial revenues for professional players participating in its tournaments.

It is a limited liability company managed by professionals but controlled by players through a board consisting of 12 members elected from present and past players, and a committee overseeing tournaments composed of 14 active players.

Since 2007, the chairman of the board has been Neil Coles, while the committee chairman is Thomas Bjørn. The majority of tournaments are held in Western Europe, with the most profitable ones taking place in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, and Spain.

Only one tournament is held in Eastern Europe beyond the old Iron Curtain, the Russian Open. Additionally, the PGA European Tour organizes the Ryder Cup in collaboration with the PGA of America.

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