Rocco Mediate Comes to Chris DiMarco's Defense Amidst Massive Criticism

"He was joking around. It was hilarious."- Mediate said.

by Sead Dedovic
Rocco Mediate Comes to Chris DiMarco's Defense Amidst Massive Criticism
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Recent comments by Chris DiMarco have not exactly produced positive reactions in the world of golf. This experienced golfer made controversial statements regarding the PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions, and LIV Golf. Primarily, DiMarco is dissatisfied with the rewards on the PGA Tour Champions, considering that the "younger version," namely the PGA Tour, earns significantly better money. 

DiMarco has gone so far as to express hope that LIV Golf can buy them, allowing them to play for more notable sums. This great golfer compared the earnings of the PGA Tour Champions to some tournaments, aware that they play for relatively small amounts of money.

Shortly after his statements, some of his colleagues decided to react. One of the first to do so was Rocco Mediate, who chose to respond during his 'The Rocco Hour'. Mediate believes that golf fans have taken DiMarco's statements too seriously, as he was clearly trying to explain his views on the golf scene in a joking manner. Mediate is not sure how sincere DiMarco was in his remarks, emphasizing that his colleague is surely happy where he is. Considering their years of experience, Mediate believes that everyone on the PGA Tour Champions is satisfied with their earnings and money.

“So Chrisy said that, and that is a complete — joking, like, yeah, I want the LIV tour to buy us so we can play for more money. He knows, we all know — are you kidding me? If we’re playing for any money at our age, we’re happy. So back off Chris. Back off him.

He was joking around. It was hilarious. It’s never going to happen. And we’re happy, trust me on that. Chris DiMarco’s quite happy where he’s playing golf. I don’t want to hear any of this beating him up. Stop it. Just stop it. Please.”- Mediate said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Chris DiMarco
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Mediate believes that it's ridiculous to even consider the possibility of LIV Golf buying PGA Tour Champions. He is certain that it absolutely isn't one of the options for PIF and LIV Golf. Mediate is evidently happy playing in this competition, satisfied with his colleagues and excellent management. Mediate has once again emphasized the age of players on the PGA Tour Champions. He believes that no one can be serious about suggesting they should earn more money and wants to focus on some more positive topics.

“They’re not buying the Champions. They’re not even looking at our tour. Our tour is just fine the way it is. OK.

We’re playing for 2 million bucks a week, good. We’re 100 years old. No problem. So everybody that’s busting his *, just stop it. Just stop it. Please. It’s called a joke. Deal with it. Next.”- he continued.

Rocco Mediate on LIV Golf

Immediately after the creation of LIV Golf, some of the PGA Tour players decided to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf. Criticism immediately followed, and Mediate was one of those who strongly criticized such a player, especially those who, after all, spoke badly about the PGA Tour. Rocco Mediate has a specific attitude when it comes to LIV Golf, aware that money is the reason why many have decided to join this Tour.

He expressed frustration with how some players discuss their experiences on the PGA Tour, suggesting that they fail to recognize the importance of the opportunities it provided them. Mediate used Greg Norman's career as an example, highlighting how Norman's success was largely due to his time on the PGA Tour. He questioned whether these players truly valued the platform the PGA Tour offered, especially considering that there were limited alternatives available.

While recognizing that players may opt to seek financial opportunities elsewhere, Mediate took particular issue with their apparent lack of gratitude towards the PGA TOUR after leaving. He commented that while earning money is understandable, he emphasized the importance of showing appreciation for the opportunities and support provided by the PGA Tour.

Mediate is one of those who would also consider following the path taken by some of his younger colleagues by joining LIV Golf. However, the difference between him and his younger colleagues lies in the fact that Rocco emphasizes that he would express gratitude to the PGA Tour for everything it has given him. He believes that this is the only proper way every golfer should behave. Mediate is frustrated by the behavior of individuals who lack gratitude, despite having built their names on the PGA Tour and having been provided with everything in their careers by the PGA Tour.

Rocco Mediate