Brandel Chamblee: PGA Tour Stars Let Rory McIlroy Down in LIV Golf Battle

"I felt like Rory didn't get the support that he needed. I wouldn't go so far as to say that players were selfish."

by Sead Dedovic
Brandel Chamblee: PGA Tour Stars Let Rory McIlroy Down in LIV Golf Battle
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Rory McIlroy has rapidly changed his stance on LIV Golf in the past few months, despite previously being one of the biggest critics of the Saudi-backed Tour. The Northern Irishman has come to realize that the LIV Golf Tour is here to stay, and it seems that a better option is to accept it and work towards a better future rather than engaging in conflicts. 

McIlroy was one of the golfers who perhaps spoke most openly about LIV Golf and the troubles it brings to the golf scene. However, despite everything, some feel that he hasn't received enough support, at least not from his colleagues. 

Golf analyst Brandel Chamblee highlighted in an interview with Golfweek that McIlroy didn't get the support he needed.  It seemed as though Rory was fighting against such a powerful opponent on his own, one that is financially stronger than the PGA Tour. Judging by Chamblee's words, it appears that Rory has grown tired of his battle for justice, aware that as an individual, he can't do much.

"I felt like Rory didn't get the support that he needed. I wouldn't go so far as to say that players were selfish.

But I felt like Rory was out there and was a force against the source of the money for LIV, and he was a formidable source for the PGA Tour, and he didn't get the support from any of the players.

I didn't hear Jordan Spieth being vocal in support of him. I didn't hear Justin Thomas. I didn't hear Scottie Scheffler. I didn't hear Xander Schauffele. I didn't hear any of them as forcefully as Rory was speaking out on the issue."-Chamblee said, as quoted by EXPRESS!

Rory McIlroy
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Chamblee pointed out that it seemed Rory McIlroy was handling the brunt of criticism regarding LIV Golf without much support from others. He speculated that McIlroy might have reached a point where he felt he had done all he could to advocate for his beliefs but wasn't getting the support he needed. This could have led McIlroy to question why he was left to fight the battle alone.

Chamblee also expressed a wish to see more players speaking out in support of the PGA Tour and the traditional values of the game. 

The PGA Tour boasts immense tradition and prestige. The greatest names in the sport's history have competed on the PGA Tour, achieving successes that are still talked about today. Because of this rich history, fans of the sport, especially the older ones, have become frustrated and disappointed with the emergence of LIV Golf, particularly with the fact that some individuals have chosen a path that guarantees them money instead of focusing on the tradition and achievements on the PGA Tour.

Changing others' decisions is impossible. What the leaders of golf organizations can do at this moment is to give their best efforts and work towards a merger, thus ensuring that the top golfers play in one place.

Chamblee believes that discussing how recent developments in golf have negatively impacted the sport, despite financial gains for some players, would have been beneficial. Chamblee stresses that by neglecting the core fanbase, players risk alienating the most important stakeholders in the game.

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee on unification

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee suggests that if LIV Golf continues in its current form, the PGA Tour will constantly face the risk of losing its top players. He raises the theoretical scenario of Ludvig Aberg potentially becoming a major star and being pursued by other entities willing to meet his financial demands. Chamblee emphasizes that the most beneficial course of action for the PGA Tour would be to finalize a merger deal, dissolve LIV Golf, and unify the sport. In his view, this approach would benefit the Saudis while maintaining the integrity of professional golf. Fans also wish for this outcome, aware that it is the only option for improving golf.

The merger has been a topic of discussion for almost a year now. Despite expectations that a final agreement would be reached by December 31, the situation has remained stagnant. Months have passed without any visible progress on the horizon.

Such a prolonged deadlock raises concerns and causes questions about whether the PGA Tour and LIV Golf will ever operate as a unified body. It appears that both Tours are showing stubbornness in the background and are unwilling to compromise. PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan has acknowledged several obstacles to reaching a final agreement, but he has expressed confidence that a deal will eventually be reached in the foreseeable future.

Let's wait and see if Monahan's words hold true.

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