Tommy Fleetwood's LIV Golf Attendance Sparks Buzz: He Explains Reasons

Tommy Fleetwood's assessment of the LIV Golf event was mostly positive

by Sead Dedovic
Tommy Fleetwood's LIV Golf Attendance Sparks Buzz: He Explains Reasons
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The future of Tommy Fleetwood is always an interesting topic in the golf scene. Over the past few weeks, there has been speculation that this brilliant golfer could leave the PGA Tour and follow the path of his colleagues. His visit to the LIV Golf events in Las Vegas has further deepened the rumors. 

Fans of this sport believe that it's only a matter of time before Fleetwood turns a new page in his career. However, the 33-year-old golfer clarified in media interviews that he simply wanted to see what the LIV Golf events were like and visit his old friends with whom he had the opportunity to collaborate.

“I really didn’t think that much about it. I was over there, lots of us talk about LIV but never see it so I wanted to see what a tournament was like. There are also so many people there that we don’t see any more, who I would still class as friends. Players, people who work on the tour, my trainer works there. So I had a free morning, went for a few hours and that was it.”- Tommy Fleetwood said, as quoted by The Irish Times!

Fleetwood knew that his attendance at this event would start rumors, and he was aware of the consequences. Yet, Tommy doesn't want to be too bothered by the reactions of others, knowing that his intentions were not to negotiate with LIV Golf officials but to visit his friends and communicate with them. Fleetwood obviously intends to remain part of the PGA Tour in the future, ready to give his all to help the progress of this Tour.

This great golfer pointed out that he knows very well what he does and where he plays. He is aware that he, as an individual, cannot do much when it comes to rumors. He knows very well why he came to this event and what his intentions are.

Tommy Fleetwood has a great opinion about LIV Golf

Tommy Fleetwood's assessment of the LIV Golf event was mostly positive. He mentioned that while he finds watching golf a bit slow compared to playing it, he recognized that the event seemed to be doing well, and the players participating appeared to enjoy it. Fleetwood observed a relaxed and happy atmosphere among the players, which was one of the noticeable aspects of the event for him. 

The fact is that LIV Golfers compete without the same level of pressure found in other competitions, thanks to the support of Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the frustration arises from their inability to participate in majors and earn ranking points on this tour.

Tommy Fleetwood
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Tommy did note some differences, such as the presence of music, which he wasn't accustomed to in golf tournaments. General, Fleetwood described the event as similar to any other golf tournament, with everyone maintaining a high level of professionalism and dedication, despite the new setting.

If we are to believe the headlines of British media from a few months ago, Fleetwood received a massive offer from LIV Golf, which he decided to turn down. Reportedly, LIV Golf executives offered 'tens of millions' to Tommy to join this controversial Tour. However, Fleetwood chose to stay on the path of loyalty and remain part of the PGA Tour. On the other hand, his colleague, Tyrell Hatton, reacted differently and decided to accept LIV Golf's offer, ready to become one of the main faces of this Tour.

Tommy Fleetwood doesn't want the changes in the golf world to affect him

Two months ago, Fleetwood spoke thoughtfully about his future in golf, expressing his desire to continually improve his game. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a competitive edge and not letting oscillations in the golf world affect his performance negatively.  Fleetwood stressed that the current environment is not ideal for golfers and their development. Regardless, his intention is to remain focused on his own game, understanding that as an individual, he may not have the power to effect notable change. He appears to be a patient person, unwilling to engage in debates or discussions about LIV Golf and the PGA Tour.

Fleetwood stressed that his decisions regarding his career have always been geared towards improving his game, regardless of external tensions. He acknowledged the changing dynamics within the sport but remained firm in his commitment to focus on personal growth and development as a golfer. He is aware that such a mindset enables his progress.

Great things are expected from him in the coming months. What impresses fans is his calmness and dedication to golf. We'll see if this 33-year-old golfer can deliver his best amidst the big challenges ahead.

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