Bryson DeChambeau Urges Leadership of Both Tours to Find Unification Solution

"We can give input. We can have little moments where we say, hey, we think this would be a good idea or that would be a good idea, but.."

by Sead Dedovic
Bryson DeChambeau Urges Leadership of Both Tours to Find Unification Solution
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The division in the golf scene is causing anger and frustration not only among fans but also among golfers. Once we had the opportunity to witness the best golfers at the biggest golf tournaments, but now the situation is quite different. The PGA Tour and LIV Golf are losing competitiveness, especially the former, which has lost many players. 

Of course, the PGA Tour still has quality players and world-famous golfers, but the fact is that names like Jon Rahm, Cameron Smith, Brooks Koepka, and others are missing. 

Bryson DeChambeau, a former member of the PGA Tour, decided to express his frustrations about the divisions in the golf scene ahead of LIV Golf Miami, hoping that the future could offer something else. Bryson believes that there are several options to address such a problem. For him, the priority is to focus on the fans and their desires. Without fans, Bryson emphasizes, there is no sport.

"Well, there's multiple ways that you can solve this problem. I think that from a player's perspective, it needs to come back together for the fans, No. 1.

The fans are what drive this sport. If we don't have fans, we don't have golf. We are not up here entertaining. That's the most important thing as of right now, the low-hanging fruit. There's got to be a way to come together. How that comes together, that's above all of us out here.

We can give input. We can have little moments where we say, hey, we think this would be a good idea or that would be a good idea, but - ultimately - it's up to the guys up top to figure it out and figure it out quickly because we can't keep going in this direction."- Bryson DeChambeau said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Soon we will have the opportunity to watch the Masters at Augusta, where the biggest names in the golf scene will appear. Among them will be as many as 13 LIV Golfers. One of them is Bryson DeChambeau, who secured a spot in the Masters for the next five years thanks to his victory at the US Open in 2020. Bryson can be happy about his victory three years ago, aware that he wouldn't have the opportunity to compete in the Masters without the US Open victory.

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau© Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images Sport

In discussing the current state of golf, DeChambeau highlighted the concerns about its sustainability. He emphasized that everyone involved in the sport shares a love for it and wants to continue playing and competing. DeChambeau believes that the solution lies in finding common ground and establishing terms that benefit all parties, allowing players to compete on a more level playing field.  

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan has confirmed that there are certain obstacles when it comes to reaching a final agreement between PIF and the PGA Tour, but he emphasized that a deal could be reached soon. Crucial for both sides is to make a compromise, but if there is no willingness for such, it's difficult to expect any changes.

While major tournaments bring players together occasionally, Bryson expressed a desire to compete regularly alongside the world's top players on a weekly basis. Playing with the best also helps you become the best version of yourself and progress as a golfer.

Bryson DeChambeau and Joaquin Niemann views

DeChambeau isn't the only one advocating for such things and unification, as his colleague Joaquin Niemann shares the same opinion. He will, just like Bryson, have the chance to compete at the Masters in a few days. 

Niemann is disappointed with the state of affairs in the world of golf, aware that golf fans want to see something entirely different. 

Golfers don't have the power to change something on their own, but they maintain optimism that changes will happen soon. 

DeChambeau previously emphasized that changes must occur sooner rather than later, as if conflict and divisions persist, it's hard to expect brighter days for golf. Golf is a sport that must capture everyone's attention, especially the younger population, who will be the foundation of this sport in the future. In such an atmosphere, it seems that the youth have less and less interest in this sport.

Let's remember, Bryson DeChambeau became a member of LIV Golf in June 2022. LIV Golf CEO, Greg Norman, expressed his excitement at such an addition, aware of how much Bryson means to LIV Golf. DeChambeau seems to be happy playing on this Tour, but also somewhat disappointed with the state of affairs. It's as if he expected that over these two years, some things would be resolved, and the situation would look better for everyone.

Bryson Dechambeau