Phil Mickelson on the Future of Golf and the Transitional State

Mickelson has achieved huge success at the Masters, and once again, he intends to bring out his best and show his abilities

by Sead Dedovic
Phil Mickelson on the Future of Golf and the Transitional State
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Phil Mickelson, an experienced golfer and a man about whom we don't need to spend many words, is one of those who believe that the world of golf will once again experience its finest days. Although primarily criticized, the LIV Golf is a product about which many now have a different opinion. Rory McIlroy highlighted a few days ago that the current trajectory is unacceptable, aware that changes must occur. 

Phil Mickelson agrees with Rory when it comes to the future of golf, emphasizing that the golf world is in transition. Despite many conflicts and disruptions, the intention of the leaders of both Tours is for golf to become global and for us to watch the best golfers in one place. The experienced golfer believes that Yasir Al-Rumayyan is the person who can be the catalyst for change.

“I agree with that. I think in the end, we are in a transitional state where we now have competition and that's leading to a lot of disruption and change but it's also in the end product going to make golf more global where the best players travel more.

I don't know how it's going to end out, exactly, or what it's going to look like. I'm putting my trust in Yasir and where the game is headed more globally."- Phil Mickelson said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Mickelson believes that once the current issues are fixed, the golfing world will see notable improvements. He foresees a future where the sport becomes more inclusive, with opportunities expanding for players worldwide. Mickelson anticipates enhancements in various aspects of the game, including manufacturing and course design, which will inspire individuals from different regions to participate. 

Despite recognizing the current disruption phase, he remains optimistic about the eventual outcome. He believes that although the journey may be challenging, perseverance will lead to a brighter future for golf.

Phil Mickelson is one of the most successful golfers when it comes to the Masters

Mickelson has achieved huge success at the Masters, and once again, he intends to bring out his best and show his abilities. This will mark his 31st appearance at the Masters. Mickelson has managed to win the Masters three times (in 2004, 2006, and 2010), a feat that few can boast. In a media interview, Mickelson explained why he has been so successful at the Masters. He emphasized from the beginning that he loves the place, considering that he plays on a course where he feels he doesn't need to be perfect.

Mickelson expresses that upon entering Augusta National and driving down Magnolia Lane, he feels a sense of relaxation. This is because he knows that even if he misses a shot to the right side of the hole, depending on the pin placement, he can still recover and potentially recover par by utilizing his short-game skills.

Phil Mickelson
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Mickelson underlines the excitement of watching players recover creatively at Augusta National, citing examples like Bubba Watson's impressive wedge shot on the 10th hole in a playoff, where he hooked the ball to within eight feet. He emphasizes that Augusta allows for such creative recoveries, making it enjoyable to watch. 

Augusta National Golf Club is clearly a place that Mickelson loves, and once again, he intends to bring out his best there. His experience at this tournament, along with his skills, could be crucial for Mickelson to achieve great success.

Mickelson explains that the tall trees at Augusta provide enough space for recovery swings, unlike situations where players might have to take unplayable lies and wedge out. This aspect adds to the drama of Augusta, as players don't need to be perfect to navigate the challenges effectively.

Phil Mickelson and PGA Championship

Thanks to his victory at the 2021 PGA Championship, Mickelson has secured his spot in Major tournaments for the next five years. Despite being a part of LIV Golf and often facing criticism, Mickelson hopes to show his best performance this time and prove to his critics that LIV Golf is a place where quality golfers compete. Similarly, other LIV Golfers are motivated in the same way.

The experienced golfer is aware of the competition and the presence of big names at Augusta, but considering his past performances and achievements, no one doubts that Phil has the potential to achieve a great result. We only have a few days left until we have the opportunity to witness the Masters.

The conflict between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour is now less noticeable, given that some time has passed. We couldn't expect any scandal, considering that things seemed okay last year as well. Let's hope that this time we will also enjoy great golf and witness amazing performances.

Phil Mickelson