Notah Begay III Reveals Details About Tiger Woods' Health Ahead of the Masters

"He’s trying to formulate a strategy and approach that he can work within given the constraints that he’s presented with."

by Sead Dedovic
Notah Begay III Reveals Details About Tiger Woods' Health Ahead of the Masters
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Tiger Woods is expected to play at this year's Masters, despite his health still not being ideal. Since his accident in 2021, Woods has suffered a multitude of injuries, leading to reduced mobility. Despite months of anticipation for his return, this popular golfer has only managed to play in one full four-round tournament, the Hero World Challenge. 

After that, he appeared in just two tournaments. While competing in the Genesis Invitational, Woods withdrew during the second round. 

His longtime friend Notah Begay III decided to reveal details about Tiger Woods' health condition in a media interview, as fans eagerly await to hear how Woods is feeling after everything. Begay III emphasized that Woods is making every effort to recover, considering that golf is his greatest passion. However, sometimes things don't go as planned. Begay isn't entirely sure if Woods is ready to play a full tournament and showcase his best, but he holds hope that Tiger could gather his strength and once again display his skills to the world. It's difficult to expect this legendary golfer to perform at his peak. Regardless, the mere fact that he will be playing will be enough for fans to enjoy.

"He’s trying to formulate a strategy and approach that he can work within given the constraints that he’s presented with. And he’s got some constraints. He’s got zero mobility in that left ankle and really has low-back challenges now, which he knew he was going to have."- Begay III said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Notah Begey III
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ESPN commentator Andy North is one of those who have decided to share their opinion regarding Woods' comeback and expectations. While North acknowledges that Woods will have high ambitions and speak about them, the reality is that we cannot expect the best from him. North talked about the challenges Woods has faced. Despite everything, his desire to return is stronger than anything else. Tiger is someone who is accustomed to being on the big stage, dominating, and winning tournaments. Being in this position is not something he wanted. Hopefully, we can at least see half of what we're used to seeing from Tiger.

“For the past couple months, he’s been trying to find a way to recover. He can play the golf. We always knew the question was going to be ‘can he walk the 72 (holes)?’ That’s still up in the air.

But can he recover from one round to the next? That’s the biggest question that I really don’t know and he’s not going to know either until he gets out there and figures out whether the way he’s prepared for this year’s Masters is going to work for him.”

Tiger Woods delighted everyone by appearing at Augusta National on Monday morning for his second practice session. Woods looked relaxed and motivated, and afterward, he had a conversation with Rory McIlroy. These two are certainly the biggest names on the PGA Tour, and both golfers attract immense attention with their presence. Just like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy enters this tournament with high ambitions, aiming to win the Masters for the first time. It's the Major that's missing from the Northern Irishman's career Grand Slam. Rory also looked happy and relaxed on the course. In addition to McIlroy, Woods spoke with several other individuals, including Augusta National Chairman, Fred Ridley.

Tiger Woods records at Masters

Tiger Woods has achieved an impressive five Masters titles in his career so far, making him one of the most successful golfers. Ahead of him is only the legendary Jack Nicklaus, who managed to win the Masters a remarkable six times. Additionally, Nicklaus has three more Majors than Woods. It's difficult to expect Woods to break such a record, considering everything he has been through. However, Tiger is someone who sets high goals and will give his all to be as prepared as possible.

After his recent appearance, Woods confirmed that he won't be able to play a large number of tournaments, and his focus will primarily be on the Majors. He is aware that his body can't endure the same stresses as before. Back injury seems to be his biggest concern, along with his leg. He hopes he can compete in all four Majors this year, which would be a great achievement for him. Woods confirmed that he has to accept the reality as it is, emphasizing that he can't change much at this moment.

Let's hope that in a few days, we'll see Woods at least partially healthy and ready to show his abilities. All eyes will be on him, but also on Rory McIlroy, who aims to finally win the Masters.

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