McIlroy's Former Agent Believes Butch Harmon's Advice Will Be Key to Rory's Success

"I think he’ll win this week (Texas Open) as the Butch effect will kick in this week."

by Sead Dedovic
McIlroy's Former Agent Believes Butch Harmon's Advice Will Be Key to Rory's Success
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Rory McIlroy recently confirmed that he had conversations with Butch Harmon ahead of this year's Masters, aiming to gain valuable advice and apply it in the upcoming period. Butch Harmon is famously known as Tiger Woods' former coach and a highly experienced figure in the golfing world. 

McIlroy believes that his conversation with Harmon was extremely beneficial and provided him with valuable insights. 

McIlroy's former agent, Chubby Chandler, sees the 34-year-old golfer's decision to consult with Harmon as a smart move. McIlroy is determined to go all the way this time and clinch the Masters, the only Major missing from his collection. Playing under pressure and expectations isn't easy, but the advice from Harmon might be crucial in the grand scheme of things. 

Chandler, in an interview with BoyleSports, reflected on Rory and his ambitions in the upcoming period. Harmon believes that the Texas Open will be a great opportunity for McIlroy to secure victory, thanks in part to Harmon's guidance. Rory's former agent also commented on Harmon's interesting methods.

"I think he’ll win this week (Texas Open) as the Butch effect will kick in this week. 

What does Butch do? Butch caresses their ego, takes them back to where they were, tells them how good they are, pats them on the * and sends them out and says ‘nobody is going to beat you next week’. Lee (Westwood) and Darren (Clarke) both had a lot of Butch. Lee was always together mentally than Darren. Whoever was coaching Darren, he could hit 20 nine-and-a-half out of 10 shots, and then he’d hit a * one, and the * one would ruin the day. He’d look up at me and ask why he did that?"- Chandler said.

Chubby Chandler
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Chandler reflected on Butch's methods, expressing admiration for how he consistently motivated his players. It's impressive how Butch could inspire his players, recognizing their potential and qualities for great achievements, but sometimes their mindset held them back. In a way, Harmon acted as a psychologist, someone from whom golfers had the opportunity to learn a great deal and approach the next round or tournament with the right mindset.

"When he was doing that with Butch, he hit the 20 top shots and then hit the seven out of ten shot, is about to lose it and then Butch starts telling him a story about when he did this or that. Five minutes later Darren has forgotten about the bad shot, we’ve all had a chuckle and it carries on. Butch is an absolute genius at that, genius."- he continued.

Chubby Chandler, being familiar with both McIlroy and Harmon, has no doubt that Harmon's advice will be crucial for McIlroy, potentially transforming the 34-year-old golfer into the player we saw ten years ago. Chandler also reflected on Harmon's mentorship of Fowler and how much Rickie progressed under his guidance. While focusing on the swing aspect, Chandler believes that David Leadbetter could play an important role if Rory aims to improve that aspect of his game.

Butch Harmon
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Chubby highlights Butch's prowess as a motivator, emphasizing that he will spend three days affirming that you are the best, and afterward, the golfer truly adopts such a mindset.

Chubby Chandler on Rory McIlroy and Masters

Chandler's suggests that Rory McIlroy may perform well at the upcoming Masters tournament. He believes this because McIlroy's game will likely revert to its former glory under the influence of Butch Harmon's coaching and motivational words. Chandler emphasizes the importance of positive reinforcement, stressing that even someone as talented as McIlroy benefits from being reminded of their abilities. 

Rory McIlroy is human like any other player, and sometimes it's necessary for someone to motivate and convince him that he truly possesses top-notch qualities. Golf is a mental game where having the right mindset is crucial to reaching the pinnacle. McIlroy is likely aware of this aspect, which might be one of the reasons why he decided to consult with the experienced Harmon, who probably motivated him in the best possible way.

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy© Brennan Asplen/Getty Images Sport

Regarding McIlroy's history at the Masters, Chandler stresses that while McIlroy once seemed destined to win the tournament in 2011, circumstances prevented it, making the Masters a significant goal for him now.

McIlroy has been persistent year after year to win the Masters, but surely, such pressure and expectations also affect him, and McIlroy fails in his intention. The best thing for him would be to approach it calmly this time without any expectations, with the mentality that winning the Masters will not be a confirmation of his qualities, considering that Rory is currently one of the best golfers even without the Masters. However, we do not doubt his desire to finally wear the Green Jacket.