Defending Champion Jon Rahm On Ambitions and Fond Memories ahead of Masters Defense

The 29-year-old Spaniard recalled the morning after his victory. Impressed by the huge success, Rahm went to parts of the clubhouse to celebrate his win

by Sead Dedovic
Defending Champion Jon Rahm On Ambitions and Fond Memories ahead of Masters Defense
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Jon Rahm, following last year's triumph at the Masters, has the same intention this year. His departure from the PGA Tour and move to LIV Golf has caused a lot of reactions. Nevertheless, Rahm has no intention of focusing on his departure and is primarily motivated to achieve a good result at Augusta National. 

The Spaniard reflects on last year's victory at the Masters and some moments that weren't so bright. Jon Rahm is aware that he had many missed shots, but it's an important lesson for him ahead of what lies ahead. The Spaniard understands that mistakes are an integral part of any sport; however, the focus should be on progressing day by day and striving to enter each tournament prepared and motivated.

Out of all the great things that week, a lot of people remember the four-putt and the tee shot on 18, which wasn’t as bad as people think,” Rahm said, as quoted by INDEPENDENT!

“What stood out to me is I had this image in my mind of how great I played all week, which I did, and then I watch the actual summary and I couldn’t help to think, man, I missed a lot more shots than I thought I did.

I guess it is a good lesson to have in mind, right? Not only that I could play better in theory but the fact that there’s a mental lesson there, that you’re going to miss shots and you just have to figure out how to minimise the damage."

Jon Rahm reflected on his victory at the Masters in 2023, stressing the unique and special circumstances surrounding his triumph. He described the alignment of various factors that made the achievement particularly memorable, such as the importance of Easter Sunday and Seve Ballesteros' birthday coinciding with the event. Additionally, Rahm noted the symbolic details, like registering as the 49th player and the date April 9th corresponding to 4/9, which added layers of meaning to his win. 

Jon Rahm
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Based on all the coincidences, it seems that these events were more than mere chance, but rather that Jon Rahm was destined for such success. His dedication and hard work over the years have paid off. Winning the Masters is a significant achievement and the aspiration of every golfer. Rahm demonstrated great maturity and determination last year. Ultimately, he succeeded in his goal. This year, his desires remain the same.

The 29-year-old Spaniard recalled the morning after his victory. Impressed by the huge success, Rahm went to parts of the clubhouse to celebrate his win. There, his father and wife were present. He seized the moment to go to the champion locker room, aware of the opportunity that presented itself to him.

“I was there with my dad and [wife] Kelley in the clubhouse,” he said.

“It’s one in the morning and I said if there’s a time to maybe get away with something it’s right now, so I asked, can we go to the champions locker room because I don’t know if they’re ever going to be able to go up there again. They said yes."

Rahm reflected on the great experience he had, expressing it as one of the most memorable moments he has ever encountered. Witnessing the names engraved on the lockers and being in the actual locker room was so special for him.

Jon Rahm recalled the moment with his father

Accompanied by his father, Rahm embarked out to the balcony overlooking Magnolia Lane, even in the darkness, capturing a moment that became a special memory. The Spaniard seized the moment to take a photo with his father, with Jon wearing the green jacket. He emphasized that this particular photograph is now featured as either his father's or mother's WhatsApp profile picture. He considers it one of the best and most meaningful photographs in his life.

Having his wife, Kelley, present added to the importance of the moment. Rahm talked about the rarity of such an experience and expressed gratitude for the opportunity for his loved ones to witness this historic event alongside him.

The Spaniard holds enormous faith and hope that he can achieve the same success this year, which would certainly be a feat talked about for years to come. The 29-year-old golfer impressed everyone with his performance at the Masters. His ambitions remain the same this time around. There are several favorites to win this competition, and Jon stands out as one of them. We'll see how he fares this time.

The Masters will begin on Monday and will last until Sunday. We hope for excitement and brilliant performances.

Jon Rahm