Butch Harmon Evaluates Rory McIlroy's Masters Chances and Offers Advice

"We want it for him. The press wants it for him. The fans want it for him."- Harmon said.

by Sead Dedovic
Butch Harmon Evaluates Rory McIlroy's Masters Chances and Offers Advice
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The question arises whether Rory McIlroy will complete the career Grand Slam at The Masters. After a lot of attempts, some have lost hope that Rory can achieve this feat. The pressure he faces is unnecessary and likely a significant burden for the 34-year-old golfer. Judging by everyone's reactions, the best recipe for his success would be to distance himself from the media, their headlines, and approach the tournament calmly and focused from day one of the Masters. 

The psychological aspect of the game is crucial, and Rory is aware of that. This is one of the reasons why he decided to seek advice from Butch Harmon, the former coach of Tiger Woods. Seeking advice from someone who knows golf perfectly and has vast experience may be the best thing McIlroy could have done. 

Butch Harmon, in a media interview before the Masters, emphasized that there is no doubt that McIlroy can win the Masters. Harmon considers him one of the favorites and has shown his belief in McIlroy. Harmon, known as a coach but also a great psychologist, highlighted that McIlroy must enter this competition calmly, without focusing on others' expectations.

"There is no doubt about it. You can always say he has got to be one of the favourites going in there. His game is built for there with his ability to drive the ball.

He has just got to relax and play golf, which is very easy to say but he wants it so bad. We want it for him. The press wants it for him. The fans want it for him. His family wants it for him and that gets in the way of allowing you to be yourself.

I think if he can just go and be Rory McIlroy, he is going to have a great time and have a great chance on the back nine on Sunday, which is all you can live for. His game, other than the way I thought he was hitting his short iron shots, was pretty good."- Butch Harmon said, as quoted by Sky Sports!

Fans of this golfer are not particularly optimistic or happy considering McIlroy's form this year. Rory hasn't been very consistent this year, but the Masters could be an opportunity for him to turn things around. Harmon addressed his performances, primarily his performance at TPC Sawgrass where Rory made 26 birdies but finished 20th. Harmon noted that for his bogeys, he was missing greens with nine-irons and wedges, suggesting that Harmon has provided him with advice in that aspect.

The coaching sessions primarily concentrated on improving McIlroy's control over the distance and trajectory of his shots. Harmon implemented minor adjustments to McIlroy's swing technique, which might not have been apparent without a close analysis of the footage. McIlroy responded positively to these changes, expressing satisfaction with his performance during practice rounds at Augusta.

As McIlroy approaches the Masters, Harmon is intrigued to observe the outcomes of their collaboration. He believes that McIlroy's head is in the right place, indicating increased confidence in his abilities. Harmon remains optimistic about McIlroy's prospects, stressing the importance of mindset and preparation for success at Augusta National.

Rory McIlroy
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Harmon has had the opportunity to coach big names in the golf world. Thanks to him, many golfers have steered in the right direction, built their careers, and it seems that without his guidance, they would have a hard time achieving that. Butch believes that McIlroy must first relax and play golf. This is the first step to creating opportunities for success and being unbeatable. 

We have no doubt that McIlroy has sought advice from Harmon and intends to apply it from the start of the tournament. McIlroy is the name that will have the most eyes on him, considering that the Masters is the major he lacks in his career. McIlroy must once again deal with the pressure and expectations of everyone.

Butch Harmon on Scottie Scheffler's chances of winning the Masters

Harmon also spoke about Scottie Scheffler, who according to fans and bookmakers is the main favorite to win the Masters. Discussing the expectations for Scheffler, Harmon believes that media pressure and expectations can be a burden for the golfer. Harmon recalled moments in the history of this golfer, where individuals who were No. 1 did not have the capacity to handle the pressure, and often fell short of expectations. 

Butch still doesn't know what to expect from this young golfer, as Scheffler has never been in such a position before. Harmon emphasizes that Scottie is a calm person, stressing this will be a significant advantage for him. We will see if Scottie can meet everyone's expectations.

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