Rory McIlroy reveals what he will focus on ahead of the Masters

Considering his previous performances at the Masters, where he fell short of his expectations, McIlroy hopes that this time around the situation will be different

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy reveals what he will focus on ahead of the Masters
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Rory McIlroy has every reason to be happy after the Valero Texas Open, as he finished third. The Northern Irishman is already focused on the biggest challenge of his career; the Masters. Rory wants to seize the opportunity and complete the Grand Slam. Rory McIlroy has put in tremendous effort ahead of this Major, aware that this is the ideal chance to achieve success. 

The Northern Irishman has gone so far as to consult with Butch Harmon, who has given him important advice ahead of this crucial competition. Harmon is a person with vast experience, and his advice could be crucial to McIlroy's success. In speaking to the media, Rory primarily reflected on his performance at the Texas Open, aware that it will benefit him ahead of this year's biggest challenge; the Masters.

"Good to get a round like that under the belt heading into next week," -Rory McIlroy said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Although McIlroy may not be particularly satisfied with his form this year, given the inconsistency, Rory feels much better than he did a few weeks ago. Looking at his performances, at times it seemed like Rory resembled the golfer he was 10 years ago. However, at times, this 34-year-old golfer has failed to show his best, causing pessimism among his fans about his future.

"I definitely feel like I'm in a better place than I was a few weeks ago," said McIlroy.

"Through the Florida swing there was just a lot of volatility in my game, some good, some bad, quite a few big numbers, so just trying to tidy that up. "- he continued.

Rory McIlroy emphasized that while his game may not have been perfect, he's confident in his ability to deliver solid shots consistently. He stressed that even when he faced challenges during the Valero Texas Open, he managed to keep his mistakes manageable and was able to recover effectively when needed. Looking back at his recent performances, McIlroy expressed satisfaction with the progress he's made compared to a few weeks ago, showing an improvement in his overall game.

Considering his previous performances at the Masters, where he fell short of his expectations, McIlroy hopes that this time around the situation will be different. The Northern Irishman plans to approach this competition with a calmer mindset, expecting the best from himself. It must be acknowledged that Rory is under huge pressure year after year, as the Masters is the only Major title missing from his resume.

 In past years, he has admitted that pressure is the main reason he hasn't performed at his best. Although he hoped that expectations regarding his performance and success would be lower this year, fans still hope that Rory can win this competition. 

In media discussions, McIlroy confirmed that this time he wants to better control his emotions and thoughts. Aware that golf is a mental game, he expects his mindset to be different this year. The Northern Irishman emphasizes discipline, focusing on controlling what he can control, knowing that everything else will follow suit.

"Control of myself, control of my emotions and my thoughts," Mcilroy said on his focus.

"If I can control those, it makes the physical control of everything a lot easier and a lot more simple. 

Just to me next week is all about discipline, about staying in control of yourself and in control of what you can control. If I can do that well, then the rest will follow."- he continued.

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy© Brennan Asplen/Getty Images Sport

Some believe that this year will be the best for Rory McIlroy, hoping that the Northern Irishman can finally achieve his goal. This would mean a lot to him and likely alleviate the pressure on his shoulders. After that, it would be expected for McIlroy to continue to excel and achieve even greater successes. 

Butch Harmon on Rory McIlroy and Scottie Scheffler

Butch Harmon, Tiger Woods' former coach, confirmed that McIlroy consulted with him, hoping to learn something new and apply it during the Masters.

Harmon still doesn't know what to expect from McIlroy's performance, emphasizing that it's most important for the 34-year-old golfer to enter this tournament calmly. This will be the first step towards his success at the Masters, and the only chance to win this Major. 

Harmon also spoke about other golfers, primarily Scheffler, who is a favorite among bookmakers and fans of the sport. In general, Harmon's statements suggest that he is unsure who will win this competition and that nuances could decide the winner.

There are many intriguing names, but only one will ultimately don the Green Jacket and confirm that they are the best among them all.

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