Sir Nick Faldo: I Hope Jon Rahm Misses Defending Masters Title

"I’m not pulling against him, but I’d like that club to stay at three."- Faldo said.

by Sead Dedovic
Sir Nick Faldo: I Hope Jon Rahm Misses Defending Masters Title
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This year's Masters attracts huge attention from fans, experts, and former players alike. One of the favorites to win this tournament will certainly be Jon Rahm, last year's Masters champion who decided to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf several months after winning the Masters. 

The 29-year-old golfer has ambitions to succeed, but he has emphasized many times that it will be a challenging task. In the history of this sport, only three golfers have achieved such a feat: Jack Nicklaus, the great Tiger Woods, whom we will see again this year, and Sir Nick Faldo. 

Faldo, in a conversation with GolfMagic, commented on Rahm's potential victory at the Masters and his title defense. Faldo is someone who hopes that the Spaniard will not succeed in making his success more significant, that's for sure. 

Faldo was inspired by Nicklaus to achieve such success, and then being in the company of Tiger Woods is an impressive thing. Perhaps such words will motivate Rahm to give his best and try to join the company of these three golfers who have made history.

"I hope he misses defending. I like my little club of three. 

Me being second to Jack, having been inspired by Jack... then Tiger is obviously in every record book. 

I’m not pulling against him, but I’d like that club to stay at three. 

Please write that in the right context… I’m sure he’s trying to do it."- Sir Nick Faldo, as quoted by GolfMagic!

Jon Rahm, in a media interview ahead of the Masters, discussed LIV Golf and the difference in playing at the Masters now that he's part of LIV Golf. Playing on LIV Golf, Rahm has had fewer events to compete in, which could mean he feels more rested and prepared for this competition. 

While this may not be the decisive factor, it certainly has an impact. Some question whether Rahm's participation in LIV Golf will affect his game, as they perceive LIV Golf to be a less competitive competition. 

Jon Rahm
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Rahm has demonstrated numerous times in his career that he is a world-class golfer, and he shouldn't have any trouble showcasing the same at this year's Masters. 

Jon doesn't want to look at comments regarding his departure from the PGA Tour, knowing he can't change things at this moment. He made the decision after careful consideration, aware of the consequences of his choice, and has no intention of delving deeper into this topic.

The Spaniard emphasized that he feels comfortable and a little fresher.

Sir Nick Faldo reacts to Jon Rahm's expectations

Faldo knew how to react to such things.

Faldo's believes that Rahm might have doubts about whether he has had the ideal preparation for the Masters. Despite being a skilled and experienced player, Rahm is aware that he will face tough competition from opponents he hasn't encountered all season. Faldo implies that success at the Masters depends on finding a rhythm and getting into a track during the tournament. However, he expresses hope that Rahm won't find it too straightforward to navigate the course and successfully defend his title.

One of the greatest challenges in a golfer's career is to defend a title. It's a tough task and only the best succeed at it. This particularly applies to Majors. Jon Rahm is aware of this and knows the caliber of golfers competing in this tournament. Predictions and comments from golf legends like these are what drive some golfers and give them the strength to prove otherwise. The remarkable Spaniard doesn't want to dwell too much on such words and intends to approach this competition calmly.

The Spaniard aims to foster optimism. This competition requires optimism because most golfers are of similar quality, and small differences can tip the scale in favor of one or the other. What can also be felt in Rahm's words, as well as those of other golfers, is a sense of unity and belief that one of them, the 13 LIV Golfers, can achieve success and win this competition. Fans of this Tour have high expectations for Rahm and the rest of the LIV Golfers. However, most eyes will be on the 29-year-old Spaniard who is ready to make a major breakthrough and thereby delight the LIV Golf executives. It seems that the excitement has never been greater.

Brooks Koepka, Cameron Smith, and Sergio Garcia are just some of the names that will arouse interest from everyone. Whether one of the LIV Golfers can wear the Green Jacket remains to be seen.

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