Peter Malnati Impressed by the Masters Explains Why He Turned Down Masters Invites

"I've gotten a couple within the last two years that I said no to because I always believed I would have this moment."

by Sead Dedovic
Peter Malnati Impressed by the Masters Explains Why He Turned Down Masters Invites
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Peter Malnati is attracting increasing attention, especially after his recent victory at the Valspar Championship. The 36-year-old golfer, who had been waiting for years for the opportunity to lift the trophy again, has succeeded in his effort. 

Now he seems more motivated than ever and ready to achieve great success. Malnati has managed to qualify for this year's Masters and couldn't hide his excitement at the chance to compete in such a prestigious tournament. 

In a media interview, Malnati spoke about his expectations, emphasizing that he had high hopes and had heard various stories about the Masters. Being in a situation where you compete in a tournament with such a huge tradition and history is a fantastic thing.

Malnati highlighted a particular moment during his round, emphasizing the breathtaking view from the top of the hill on the 11th hole. He vividly described the scene, mentioning the panoramic view of several iconic features of the course, including the azaleas and the bend in the fairway on the 13th hole. For Malnati, this moment exceeded even his lofty expectations, reaffirming his lifelong dream of playing golf at the highest level.

His greatest fear was that he would be disappointed given the huge expectations. He admitted that anything but disappointment was the case. This is Malnati's first experience at Augusta National, considering that as he previously mentioned, he didn't want to go there as a fan and watch this competition.

What many don't know is that Malnati declined invites to play at Augusta because he hoped that one day he would succeed in his goal and compete in this major. The 36-year-old golfer admitted that he turned down more than 10 invites. Despite waiting for this moment for 10 years, he believed in himself and hoped he would succeed. He knew it was his goal and didn't want to give up.

"I mean, not 10, but more than a handful [of invites he's turned down]. It's pretty cool, I have obviously amazing friends, and having spent now 10 years on the tour, I've been connected but yeah, I'm 36 now. At 36 it was still an easy no because I always believed I would have this moment," Malnati said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

"If I got to be 46 I might have had a change of heart on that one."

Malnati admitted that he had received invitations in the past two years, but he believed he would experience such a moment. He emphasized his immense passion for golf, stating that taking a golf vacation was never an option. He decided to joke and mentioned that things might change when he has adult kids who will be out of the house.

"I've gotten a couple within the last two years that I said no to because I always believed I would have this moment. I joke, it's a sign of how spoiled all of us are on the PGA Tour, but I'm never, ever, ever, maybe this will change when I have adult kids and they're out of the house, but I will never take a golf vacation."

Peter Malnati on golf vaccations

Peter Malnati explained that he has dedicated much of his time to playing golf professionally, participating in tournaments for about 30 weeks each year and having the opportunity to play on some of the finest golf courses worldwide. Despite this, he hadn't been inclined to take vacations. However, after experiencing Augusta National, he stresses that it might be an exception. Nonetheless, he maintained that he wasn't planning on taking a golf vacation, at least not at this stage of his life.

Malnati is in good form, and his performance at Valspar showed that he has the qualities to compete with the biggest names. The Masters is a tournament where the greatest names in golf play, and the mere fact that you are part of this Major is huge.

Peter Malnati
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However, his ambitions are not just to participate. He is ready to achieve a great result by giving his maximum effort. Interestingly, Malnati is optimistic about his chances at this Major. For him, the priority is to enter the competition calmly, focused, and without any intimidation towards his opponents. He is impressed with the course and believes he can perform well in this Major.

"Honestly, if I can just get over the fact that - if I can get all my awe out of the way early in the week, my game fits the course superbly," he said.

It will be interesting to follow his performances and see how much this 36-year-old golfer can achieve at this moment. He has realized his dream, but he doesn't intend to stop there. His desire is also to impress at the Masters.