Jon Rahm in Trouble Ahead of Masters: Spaniard Reveals His Concern

Jon Rahm did not expect to encounter such problems before the start of the Masters

by Sead Dedovic
Jon Rahm in Trouble Ahead of Masters: Spaniard Reveals His Concern
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Jon Rahm entered this year's Masters optimistically, hoping to repeat the previous year's performance. In his words, one could sense, as one can now, the belief in himself and the hope that he can achieve a positive result. However, even before the start of the Masters, Rahm immediately faced problems. 

In a media interview, he confirmed that his caddie, Adam Hayes, potentially wouldn't be fully fit due to a stomach bug. Hayes couldn't even be there for Rahm in the last tournament due to health issues. There is positiveness that he will be ready for the Masters, but the situation doesn't seem optimistic for now. 

The two have been working together for 8 years, and it seems they have never had such a situation before. Rahm confirmed that Hayes is there, ready to help him, but many factors will depend on whether he will be ready. The Spaniard believes in his caddie and hopes he can be ready on the first day of the Masters, emphasizing that Hayes has always been there for him.

"Well, he's here, and he had a little bit of a stomach bug. It takes a lot for him not to caddie because I've heard multiple times, 'I don't know if I can make it,' but I don't know if today would be the day, and he's always been there and he's always made it through, even though he's struggled."- Rahm said, as quoted by GolfMagic!

The Spaniard seems somewhat scared considering that Hayes is known as a tough guy who has often come out as a winner in his career, regardless of the situation. Now the situation is somewhat different, and it seems that the Spaniard is surprised by the fact that Hayes still hasn't recovered.

"Last Sunday was the first time he's not done it [caddied], and that's quite concerning for me because that guy will battle through anything."

Adam Hayes and Jon Rahm
Adam Hayes and Jon Rahm© Andrew Redington/Getty Images

The 29-year-old golfer confirmed that Hayes looked better yesterday and it seems like he feels that he could return soon. For Rahm, there is nothing else but to cultivate optimism and belief that his caddie will be ready for the big challenge this year. Rahm doesn't have any further details to share and hopes they will be able to embark on the journey towards one of the Majors together.

"He seemed better yesterday, though. He seemed quite a bit better, and hopefully a little bit better today and tomorrow.

As of right now, I don't have a backup, so I hope he can make it on Thursday."

Jon Rahm will have an interesting and challenging task: to win the Masters again. According to many, it is the greatest golf tournament. The Spaniard is aware of the significance of winning this competition, and defending the title would be a great achievement. Last year, he competed as a member of the PGA Tour, while this year the situation is somewhat different. 

Jon Rahm winning the Masters in 2023
Jon Rahm winning the Masters in 2023© Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images Sport

Several months ago, the Spaniard left the PGA Tour, joining LIV Golf. His decision was surprising and unexpected. This popular golfer admitted in media interviews that he misses playing on the PGA Tour and at certain events. He is connected with fond memories of certain periods from his career when he was part of the PGA Tour. However, he has decided to pursue a different path.

“There's some venues that I miss not being at, not only because I won but just because I love it, right? And that's the reason why I played well in those tournaments. Not being at [early-season PGA Tour venues] Palm Springs, Torrey, Phoenix and L.A. wasn't the easiest.”- Jon Rahm said.

Jon Rahm on unification

Jon Rahm is one of those promoting unification, hoping that LIV Golf and the PGA Tour will find common ground and unify. Judging by his previous statements, the Spaniard emphasized that the discussion about the merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf eased his decision. Several months later, there is no indication of a final agreement, except for statements from PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, who is confident that the merger will be completed.

Jon Rahm desires to be part of the PGA Tour, aware of its history. Spending a notable part of his career competing there are moments that the Spaniard cannot easily forget. We will see if Rahm's, as well as the wish of all golf fans, will come true. His priority now is to give his best at the Masters, hoping that his LIV golf colleagues can also showcase their best.

“I still love the PGA Tour, and I still hope [for] the best, and I still hope that at some point I can compete there again.”- Rahm said.

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