Tiger Woods Confident: One More Green Jacket is Possible

Since the car accident he had three years ago, Woods has been unable to perform at his peak

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods Confident: One More Green Jacket is Possible
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Tiger Woods will be competing in this year's Masters, much to the delight of golf fans. We last saw him at the Genesis Invitational in February, but he decided to withdraw due to illness. Considering the injuries he has been dealing with, fans aren't particularly optimistic about Woods' chances of achieving a good result, but the fact that he is on the course is enough to bring happiness. However, Woods surprised everyone with his statements in a media interview. The 48-year-old golfer is confident that he can win the Masters once again, expressing confidence.

“If everything comes together, I think I can get one more,” Woods said, as quoted by Independent.

“Do I need to describe that any more than that, or are we good?”-he said, laughing.

Tiger Woods has once again admitted to the problems he faces with injuries, so it is difficult to expect the best from him. Since the car accident he had three years ago, Woods has been unable to perform at his peak, and it was questionable whether he would even return to the golf course. Woods emphasized the challenges he is currently facing. It seems like his body can't endure the strain as it once could.

“Every shot that’s not on a tee box is a challenge,” Woods said.

“The ankle doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s fused. It’s not going anywhere. So that’s fine. It’s other parts of my body that now have to take the brunt of it."

Woods elaborated on the strain his back, knee, and other parts of his body endure, particularly when walking or standing for extended periods. He highlighted the unpredictability of his training routine at home, which varies daily depending on how he feels. Despite hoping for a more consistent recovery rhythm, particularly during tournaments like the Hero event, where he anticipated feeling better monthly, this hasn't been the case. However, with major championships scheduled monthly until July, he hopes for a more regular recovery pattern.

Fans of this sport often underestimate Tiger Woods, expecting him not to perform at his best due to injuries. Knowing Woods' qualities, the fact is that we can never count him out, even when things are not going in his favor. Making his 24th consecutive cut is one of the options, as Woods himself mentioned.

“I think it’s consistency, it’s longevity and it’s an understanding of how to play this golf course,”-Woods said looking back at his goal.

Woods reflected on the great golfers who have had the opportunity to dominate at the Masters, emphasizing that each individual has a different game and understanding of this course. For him, the priority is to understand what needs to be done to achieve success at Augusta National. Woods is well aware of what it takes to accomplish his goals at this Major. However, he highlights that it's crucial to go out and execute what you've planned, requiring a lot of knowledge. Woods also commented on the changes that have occurred on this course over the years.

“That’s one of the reasons why you see players that are in their 50s and 60s make cuts here, or it’s players in their late 40s have runs at winning the event, just the understanding of how to play it.

Now, you still have to go out and execute it, but there’s a lot of knowledge that goes into understanding how to play it. And, granted, every tee box has been changed since the first time I played. Every green has been changed."- Woods continued.

Woods discussed the consistency of certain elements on the course, such as the overall configuration of the greens and the angles required for shots. Despite any changes over the years, these essential aspects have remained unchanged. He highlighted the importance of this consistency, stressing that he can recall specific putts from previous decades that still follow similar patterns. Additionally, he emphasized the impact of features like Rae's Creek on certain shots and putts, highlighting their enduring meaning to the game.

Tiger Woods on Rory McIlroy completing the career grand slam

At this year's Masters, many eyes will be on Rory McIlroy, as Northern Ireland aims to complete the career grand slam. It seems that at this moment, there are even more expectations on McIlroy than on Woods

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods at Masters 2023
Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods at Masters 2023© Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport

Rory will have to learn to deal with such pressure and try to achieve his long-standing goal. McIlroy can be happy with the support from Woods, who has no doubt that Rory will achieve the career grand slam at some point in his career, perhaps even now. Woods emphasized that it's only a matter of time before McIlroy succeeds in this. 

Tiger is impressed by the way Rory plays, aware of his qualities. There are high expectations for McIlroy, so he needs the right mindset before the start of this competition.

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