Fred Couples Shares Interesting Insight on Tiger Woods' Chances at the Masters

“He said his back is doing okay. I think last year it was so bad that a lot of things just wore him down, playing in that rain, moving around slowly, sluggish."

by Sead Dedovic
Fred Couples Shares Interesting Insight on Tiger Woods' Chances at the Masters
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Tiger Woods has serious plans when it comes to the Masters. The experienced American won't silently watch his opponents shine, doubting his own abilities. Tiger confirmed in a media statement that his preparations for this tournament are serious, although he emphasized that he's dealing with injuries. 

Fans still have mixed reactions, not sure of what to expect from the experienced golfer given his injuries. A multitude of experts, current and former golfers, reacted to Woods' participation in this year's Masters. 

Particularly interesting was Fred Couples' standpoint. This 64-year-old golfer believes that Woods is hitting well, also emphasizing his injuries, considering Woods' back to be okay. Couples thinks Woods looks phenomenal this year, ready to surprise everyone and achieve success.

“I don't stare at his gait much, but he just hits it so good,” Couples commented on Woods, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

“He said his back is doing okay. I think last year it was so bad that a lot of things just wore him down, playing in that rain, moving around slowly, sluggish. The tee times where maybe he couldn't get work done, and we were out here and doing all that.

But this year he looks strong, and he's excited to play, and I think he looks really, really good.”

Couples elaborated on Woods' opportunity to achieve a historic 24th straight made cut at the Masters this week, stressing that Woods currently shares the record of 23 consecutive cuts made with himself and Gary Player.

In discussing the record, Couples emphasized that Woods isn't preoccupied with it. He suggested that making the cut isn't at the forefront of Woods' thoughts. Couples observed that Woods' focus lies more on winning rather than achieving a specific cut record. Despite potential challenges such as adverse weather conditions and Woods' ankle injury, Couples expressed confidence that if Woods continues to perform as he has been, he'll be a strong contender throughout the tournament.

“Can he win here? You know what, yeah. I just watched him play nine holes, and nine holes is only nine holes on a Tuesday, but he never mis-hits a shot."

Woods seems hesitant to reveal all the details concerning his injury, ready to surprise his opponents. It's hard to expect Woods to be fully prepared for this career challenge, the tournament many consider the greatest in golf. 

Couples is well acquainted with Tiger's abilities, having had the opportunity to compete against him. Although Woods hasn't been the player we're accustomed to seeing for a couple of years now, primarily due to injuries and the fact that he doesn't participate in many tournaments, he has often surprised us throughout his career. Woods is most motivated when there are no expectations placed on him. It's as if that gives him extra strength to prove everyone wrong. We'll see if it will be the same this time around.

Fred Couples
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Couples also revealed what he expects from himself when it comes to the Masters, considering the back injury he has been struggling with for a few years now. Fred is not sure of how much he can give at this moment, concerned about his readiness for the Masters.

“I had some cortisone shots last week, several of them. I don't know how much it did.

It's just been there forever. I don't really understand it. I'm going to get an MRI when I get home next week.”-Fred Couples said.

Fred Couples reveals his expectations for Masters 2024

Couples shared his expectations for the Masters in 2024, expressing his determination not to deliver a disappointing performance with a high score. While he stresses his ability to strike the ball well, he remains uncertain whether he'll shoot a 73 or a 75, but he's determined not to shoot an 80. He emphasized that such a score doesn't align with his competitive nature. Although he acknowledges the possibility of shooting an 80, it's not part of his plan.

He also mentioned feeling alright physically, stating that during a recent nine-hole game, he found himself being outdriven by Tiger Woods but was hitting the ball solidly and navigating the course effectively. However, he stressed the importance of putting well for his performance to be successful.

It's difficult to assess how Woods and Couples are performing at this moment. Both of them are great golfers, but many factors are not in their favor. Fans are excited to have the opportunity to watch the best players in this competition, especially Woods, who has achieved great things in history when it comes to the Masters. Tiger has always been an attractive figure and a person who attracts the most attention. It will be the same this time around.

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