Sergio Garcia on the Future of Golf and the Culprit for Chaos in the Golf Scene

The 44-year-old golfer believes that there is currently no tension on the golf scene between players from the PGA Tour and LIV Golf

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Garcia on the Future of Golf and the Culprit for Chaos in the Golf Scene
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Sergio Garcia, the brilliant Spanish golfer, will have the opportunity to compete at this year's Masters, ready to showcase his best performance. His hopes, like those of other golfers who are part of the LIV Golf, are that a player from this Tour will achieve victory at this year's Masters. Several players from the LIV Golf are mentioned as favorites for the title, although it will be a tough task. 

In a conversation with the media, Sergio Garcia had interesting reactions regarding the divisions in the golf scene, particularly those concerning LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. The 44-year-old golfer believes that golf is a perfect sport, disappointed by the media for creating such a division with their headlines.

"I think the game is in a perfect spot. The professional game, maybe it's a little more separated, mostly because of the media, not so much because of the players. But I think the game itself is in a great spot."- Sergio Garcia said, as quoted by MIRROR

The Spaniard believes that individuals like themselves must leave a great impression on the younger generations who aspire to build their careers in the world of golf, and potentially follow this sport and find a golfer they will greatly respect. In such an atmosphere, animosity among the youth towards golf is created, as day by day they can only read about divisions and chaos currently prevailing. Garcia spoke about the present state of this sport, which needs to change. Although the golf scene possesses a large number of quality golfers, at this moment, we cannot see all of them under the same flag. The Spaniard is optimistic that changes can occur in the coming period.

"I think that we have the most amount of people playing the game, which is great, and people have to realize one thing, that the future of the game isn't us. We're not the future of the game. Neither me or Rory, no. We're not the future. We're the present of the game.

But the future of the game is those kids that are watching us play, that want to get into the game, that want to play and then maybe become professionals. I think that's what sometimes people forget."

In response to a question about whether golf as a sport is too small for division, Garcia expressed that while unity is beneficial for everyone involved, there's space for various entities within the sport. He compared it to enjoying different football leagues, where fans have their preferences but ultimately, there's room for diverse interests and support.

Sergio Garcia
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The 44-year-old golfer believes that there is currently no tension on the golf scene between players from the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, emphasizing that the situation is quite peaceful. Last year at the Masters, there were also expectations that potential chaos could arise due to divisions. However, that didn't happen. 

Sergio Garcia believes that the media wants to create a conflict in the golf scene

Garcia highlighted that the media is precisely the main instrument through which such a goal is sought: creating conflict in the golf scene. He stresses that day by day, the media tries to cause turmoil. Despite the efforts of many to do so, the situation seems calmer day by day. It appears that PGA Tour golfers and officials have accepted that LIV Golf will be there, and at this point, they cannot change much about it.

Sergio emphasizes that the media tries to portray the situation as if golfers are fighting amongst themselves in the locker room, stressing that the situation is different from that. He believes that every golfer's priority is to progress and succeed at this moment. 

The Masters is precisely a great opportunity to achieve success since it is a Major event watched by a large audience. It will be interesting to follow Garcia's performances and those of his colleagues at this year's Masters. LIV Golfers are motivated potentially also by the media to succeed, considering that they are often belittled and regarded as lacking the necessary quality. Jon Rahm, last year's winner, is certainly the leading figure of this Tour, and most attention will be focused on him. There are many other names that can succeed at this Major, aware that this is an ideal opportunity to shine on the big stage.

We hope that this year's Masters will not bring conflicts not only between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour but in general. The top players in this sport have no intention of entering into any conflicts, so we can expect a great tournament, full of good plays and big names aiming for the title.

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