Greg Norman Jr Surprises Revealing How His Father Got Masters Ticket

Greg Norman Jr. pointed out that Norman couldn't even buy a ticket

by Sead Dedovic
Greg Norman Jr Surprises Revealing How His Father Got Masters Ticket
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Greg Norman has been a prominent figure in the golf scene since the inception of LIV Golf. Once a brilliant golfer, and now the CEO of the controversial Tour, he attracts immense attention. Golf fans are not pleased with the fact that Norman holds such an important role in LIV Golf, and many belittle everything Norman has achieved in his career because of it. 

The fact that Norman is not very popular is also evident from the fact that he was denied an invite, as well as the ability to buy a ticket for himself for The Masters. This was confirmed by his son, Greg Norman Jr. 

However, Norman appeared at the Masters, and his son explained why. Namely, Greg Norman managed to secure a ticket for himself through the secondary market. 13 LIV Golfers will compete at this year's Masters. Norman surely hopes that one of them can win this competition, aware of the significance it would have for LIV Golf. Several names are mentioned as favorites to win this competition, and when it comes to LIV Golf, Jon Rahm appears to be the main candidate.

"My dad paid for a ticket on the secondary market to attend the Masters as a patron," Greg Norman Jr. wrote in a post on social media.

"He was denied one directly after going through the proper professional channels. He had to be there anyway to support the LIV players."

Greg Norman Jr. pointed out that Norman couldn't even buy a ticket. That speaks volumes about how Greg isn't accepted. Despite that, he found a way to appear at this Major.

"Without a doubt, an invitation was not extended to my dad, and in fact, when he tried to buy one directly from them, he was denied. Hence, he had to buy on the secondary market."

Although there is much talk about Norman not being particularly popular among golf fans, it seems that the situation is different. His son emphasized that many approached Norman, regardless of all the rumors. Norman still has enormous support, and there were no negative comments directed towards him. 

Greg Norman
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His son points out that they have received a lot of hate in recent years, but believes that it mostly comes from internet trolls and the opposing side. Greg Norman is still, judging by his statements, an important figure in the golf scene and one of his favorite personalities.

Norman's statement highlights the positive interactions they've had with people who are supportive of LIV or simply fans of golf. He expresses optimism for an exciting Masters tournament, emphasizing the need to set aside any negativity and enjoy the competition, hoping to see a LIV player claim the green jacket.

It will be interesting to see the development of the Masters and Norman's comments on everything. Of course, his attention will be primarily focused on the LIV Golfers competing in this year's Masters. Greg hopes that one of them can shine or at least the majority of them. LIV Golf leaders expect that one of their players can wear the Green Jacket this year. 

Jon Rahm managed to achieve such a feat last year, but he was then a part of the PGA Tour. If a LIV Golfer were to win the Masters, it would provoke interesting reactions in the golf scene and potentially change people's perceptions of LIV Golf. However, those who have no sympathies towards LIV Golf are unlikely to have their opinions changed by it.

Greg Norman statements

Judging by media headlines, Greg Norman was already seen on the second day following Rory McIlroy's performances and his group. The Northern Irishman is certainly the most interesting name in this year's LIV Golf, and huge attention will be focused on him. Norman hopes and expects a great spectacle at this year's Masters. 

Interestingly, Norman is pleased with the reception, emphasizing that no one has approached him questioning why he decided to be part of the LIV Golf project. Moreover, Norman confirmed that the majority of fans and other people are happy with his presence and believe he is doing a fantastic job. Greg Norman has attracted huge attention with his appearance. We'll see if Norman will be giving comments in the coming days regarding the performances of the LIV Golfers, as well as others.

"Walking around here today, there’s not one person who said to me, 'Why did you do LIV?'" Norman said. 

"There’s been hundreds of people, even security guys, stopping me, saying, 'Hey, what you’re doing is fantastic."

This year's Masters will be interesting, and we hope for a true spectacle just like before.

Greg Norman