Wyndham Clark: We've got 54 holes. In LIV Golf they only play 54. I like my chances

“We've got a lot of golf left. As you can see, someone shot seven-under. I could do that tomorrow."

by Sead Dedovic
Wyndham Clark: We've got 54 holes. In LIV Golf they only play 54. I like my chances
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Although Bryson DeChambeau impresses everyone with his performance after a seven-under 65 and leading, other golfers believe they have a chance and can dethrone Bryson. DeChambeau furiously started his Masters adventure, showing that he is ready to wear the Green Jacket. However, some of his colleagues, like Wyndham Clark, believe this is just the beginning and nothing is over yet. Clark shot one-over 73 after the first round but believes that the difference between LIV Golf (where Bryson competes) and the PGA Tour could be his advantage.

“We've got 54 holes. In LIV Golf they only play 54, so I like my chances,” Clark said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

“We've got a lot of golf left. As you can see, someone shot seven-under. I could do that tomorrow.”- he continued.

Although Clark's start was great with three birdies, shortly after that, he made two bogeys and a double. Many golfers complained about the weather, including him. The biggest problem was the wind, which ruined the plans of many golfers. Although he was great in the first nine holes, Clark is disappointed with what happened afterward, blaming the wind.

“The wind is pretty challenging. It's unfortunate, I played really good on the front nine, and I honestly played really good on the back nine. "

Clark believes he could have done better, but there's nothing else for him but to accept things as they are. Although he had the chance to achieve a great result, Clark wants to enter the next days with much more focus, ready to show his best.

“Just not birdieing 13 was kind of tough and then spinning it in the water on 15 really put a damper on the round. You take that away, it's a two, three [under] round, maybe even better, and we're in a good spot.”- Clark said.

Clark reassured that he remained composed during Thursday's round and remains optimistic about his performance leading into the second round.

Reflecting on his play, he stressed that with slight improvements on the par-5s and a few successful putts, the outcome could have been different. Despite this, he felt confident in his overall performance, emphasizing the need to capitalize on scoring opportunities and refine his strategy on the par-5s moving forward.

Clark is someone who has often been associated with a move to the LIV Golf, however, he has no intention of doing so. Clark is a golfer who wants to achieve great success and leave his mark on the history of the PGA Tour, aware that it is a tour with tradition and history. He admitted that he turned down LIV Golf because he believes there is still unfinished business on the PGA Tour. 

He wants to chase records and world rankings. This great golfer emphasized that his dream is to be one of the best golfers. Clark's ambitions are so great that he even aspires to become the best golfer in the world. Growing up and playing golf, he dreamed of being part of the PGA Tour and winning PGA events. That is the main reason why he decided to continue his career on the PGA Tour, focusing on achievements rather than money.

Wyndham Clark's expectations before the Masters

Clark expressed his belief, before the start of the Masters, that winning the Masters would represent an incredible achievement for him. He feels confident in his abilities and particularly comfortable with the layout of the golf course. Clark believes that his skills align well with the challenges presented by the course, especially in terms of tee shots and approach shots. Additionally, he appreciates the opportunity for creativity that the course offers, which further boosts his confidence going into the tournament.

Wyndham Clark
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Clark is known as a golfer who has always shown his confidence, even when things looked catastrophic for him. He admitted before the start of the Masters that he had several visits here. This amazing golfer had multiple practice rounds, ready to show his best. He was aware that he would feel nervous at the start, which couldn't be noticed, but he emphasized that after a few holes he would relax and be ready to show his qualities. It will be interesting to follow his performances in the continuation, considering his capacities and qualities. Fans of this golfer believe that Clark has the potential to achieve a positive result.

Fans of the PGA Tour consider Clark one of the quality golfers on this Tour. Their desire is for Clark, or someone from the PGA Tour, to win this Major. The Masters is the tournament you dream of winning from a young age. Winning the Masters is one of the greatest achievements in the world of golf.

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