'Greg Norman like was out there like being really awkward with Rory McIlroy'

Greg Norman interacted with people but used every opportunity to get Rory's attention

by Sead Dedovic
'Greg Norman like was out there like being really awkward with Rory McIlroy'
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Greg Norman appeared at this year's Masters, surprising everyone. The LIV Golf CEO decided to attend and watch the biggest golf tournament, ready to support the golfers from LIV Golf. What surprised many was also the confirmation from his son, Greg Norman Jr, via social media that Norman paid for a ticket on the secondary market, as he couldn't geta ticket in any other way. This is enough to show the treatment Norman receives from leading figures in golf organizations and tournaments.

"Yes. All this is true.

My dad paid for a ticket on the secondary market to attend the Masters as a patron. He was denied one directly after going through the proper professional channels. He had to be there anyway to support the LIV players."- Greg Norman Jr. wrote.

That Norman isn't exactly favored is confirmed by the story Chris 'Soly' Solomon shared during the No Laying Up podcast, where he mentioned he followed Rory McIlroy's group and noticed interesting things. Solomon revealed that Norman behaved oddly towards McIlroy, and the situation seemed a bit strange. Norman wanted to get attention from McIlroy, who wasn't particularly willing to engage in conversation.

"I had somebody come up and tell me yesterday, he's like, so Norman like was out there like being really awkward with Rory at the practice round yesterday, like walking up to him,  on five like on the ropes, like trying to get his attention."- Soly said, as quoted by Balls!

Greg Norman interacted with people but used every opportunity to get Rory's attention, looking at him strangely. Soly found this scene particularly odd, especially since Rory wasn't paying attention to Norman.

"Almost like being really weird. Sure enough, I show up on five and there's the Shark just like hanging out there on the ropes like almost desperately trying to get Rory's attention. He is turned around talking to people but as soon as Rory walks up he like is looking at him and staring at him awkwardly. And it was just the weirdest scene. It was just like Rory never looked over and it was awkward."

Later, between the ninth and tenth holes, there were further reports of unusual behavior attributed to Norman. Witnesses observed him near the putting green, apparently anticipating Rory's approach. Norman then positioned himself near a rope barrier with a strange grin on his face, seemingly attempting to engage McIlroy. 

However, Rory passed by without acknowledging him, causing Norman to return to the putting green. This behavior baffled witnesses, leading to speculation about Norman's intentions and motives. Solomon, intrigued by the situation, decided to follow Norman briefly to understand his actions further, but was left confused by the encounter.

North Irishman expressed surprise during a media interview, stating that he was unaware of Norman following his group. He emphasized not having seen him. Many are skeptical about Rory's sincerity regarding this, but it's evident that the North Irishman has interesting intentions. 

McIlroy didn't wish to elaborate further on the matter, but it's clear that his primary focus is on his game, aware that this is a significant opportunity for him. This tournament holds great importance for McIlroy as it represents the chance to complete his Grand Slam career.

Rory McIlroy happy with a solid start

Rory McIlroy had a similar start with a 1-under par 71. The North Irishman wasn't pleased with the wind during the first day, and the conditions were challenging not just for him but for all golfers. Overall, McIlroy is content with his first round, aware that there's still much to play for. He hopes he can achieve a positive result and fulfill his dream. At times, he looked excellent, but in others, he faltered. North Irishman is glad that after a slow start, he managed to offer his best, despite having missed a few opportunities.

Rory McIlroy at the first round of Masters 2024
Rory McIlroy at the first round of Masters 2024© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

McIlroy confirmed that there is still a lot of play left and there's no need to panic. He's aware that his colleagues will make mistakes, and he needs to remain consistent in his mentality and his game.

“There's a long way to go, and not to panic. Everyone is going to make bogeys this week, and it's just a matter of when you do, resetting and sticking to your game plan.” - Rory McIlroy said.

The next few days will show just how much the 34-year-old golfer can achieve, aware that the competition at the Masters is fierce, as it is every year. Each golfer has a clear goal.

“I'd like to think that I can shoot a better score than I did today,” he said

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