Jon Rahm: "There's a long way to go for me"

"What I've had to improve the most is not making 'three-putts".

by Andrea Gussoni
Jon Rahm: "There's a long way to go for me"
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Jon Rahm didn't end his round at Augusta satisfied at all. In the mixed zone, the Basque golfer said: "What I've had to improve the most is not making 'three-putts' It's been bad luck; the wind made the course tricky for certain shots that I executed well but ended up badly.

The course was tough because of the rain, as water accumulated in the low areas of the fairways, and if you had to play from there, it was tough to control the ball flight. It was a shame on the 17th and the tee shot on the 18th.

The best moment as a champion was the ovation on the 12th. I'm far behind, but there's still a lot to go…"

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The Basque golfer then commented: "The other day, at the Champions Dinner, Bernard Langer recalled that no matter how badly you played on the first day, with a good comeback on Friday, the chances of winning were always open, because the important thing is to be able to play on the weekend.

That's why my goal now is to seal a good second round to have a chance at victory." Sergio García, on the other hand, stated: "I feel like I've been through twelve rounds with Mike Tyson in the ring. It's things that happen here, and it's happened to me so many times...

A gust of wind catches you, and it's difficult to make a shot. My mental capacity, if I tell you... I was fortunate to make the putt on the 13th hole, but I finished the last seven holes like a zombie. My body was here, but my mind was elsewhere, I don't even know how I managed it.

It's not a physical or mental issue, it's a feeling from here, something about Augusta." Txema Olazábal stated: "Well, a bit difficult with the wind. Apart from that, the golf course was playing a bit easier in the sense that the greens were softer, more receptive.

But the wind, you know that here the wind is a huge factor and it's very difficult to control the direction. And that's what made this day a bit more complicated. Otherwise, I found the course a bit longer but similar to the practice days.

The rain that fell was clearly noticeable on the greens. From tee to green, it played pretty much the same, a little longer because the ball didn't roll like on the other days."

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