Tiger Woods' Reaction After Worst Round at the Masters

"It's just that I haven't competed and played much."

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods' Reaction After Worst Round at the Masters
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Tiger Woods didn't succeed in his intention during the third round, although he was excellent in the first two rounds and reminded us of the Woods we used to watch before his injuries. Woods has already set a record after making his 24th straight cut at Augusta, which no one before him has achieved. 

However, despite Woods being one of the most successful in this tournament (Woods has won the Masters 5 times), the third round was his worst round in the history of his Masters appearances, with a 10-over 82. 

With three bogeys, two double bogeys, and one birdie, Woods was not satisfied. The seventh and eighth holes looked worrying for him, and it could be felt that Woods was not feeling his best. The injuries that have been troubling him are evidently still there, and Woods is far from being a fully prepared golfer. 

Tiger Woods reacted to his disastrous performance during the third round in a media interview, discussing his biggest mistakes. The brilliant Woods emphasized that his warm-up session was not up to par, but he still tried to get through the day. Woods hasn't competed since the Genesis Invitational, which has certainly taken a toll on him. The experienced golfer had chances for a better result, but he failed to capitalize on them.

“I was not hitting it very good or putting well. I didn't have a very good warmup session, and I kept it going all day today. Just hit the ball in all the places that I know I shouldn't hit it.

It's just that I haven't competed and played much. When I had chances to get it flipped around and when I made that putt at five, I promptly three-putted six and flubbed a chip at seven and just got it going the wrong way. And when I had opportunities to flip it, I didn't.”- Tiger Woods said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Tiger was optimistic after the second day, believing he even had a chance to win this competition. His optimistic statements sparked optimism among fans, but Woods quickly returned to reality with a poor performance on the third day. Although he had one-over in the first two rounds, he ended the third round with 11-over, a staggering 17 shots behind the leader. 

Tiger probably didn't have particularly high expectations for this Major, although his statements suggest otherwise. However, the question arises as to how sincere Woods was in talking about his ambitions. It was probably one way to motivate himself and show the world that he believed in himself. 

Tiger's injuries are a huge problem, and it's questionable whether he will ever be fully recovered. Fans hope for his old form and believe that Woods can remind them of his best days. The car crash that occurred in 2021 has left lasting consequences on him, which can be seen during his walk on the golf course.

Woods had the same issues last year, and he had to withdraw due to injury before the final day. Woods was visibly disappointed, expecting to have the strength, but at that moment, withdrawal was the only option. The last time we saw Woods complete all four rounds was at Augusta National two years ago. Still, Tiger remains optimistic that he can do the same this year, with optimism that his team will prepare him. Although he is aware that a tough task and a long night await him, Woods hopes to succeed in his goal. This would certainly be a great thing for him, considering the problems he has with injuries.

Butch Harmon reacts to Woods' performance

Talking about Tiger Woods' performance, his former coach Butch Harmon expressed that Woods would likely be disappointed with his round. Harmon pointed out that Woods likely started the round with hopes of climbing up the leaderboard. However, Harmon speculated that playing 23 holes the previous day may have taken a toll on Woods' body. Despite this, Harmon emphasized the importance of having Woods competing over the weekend at The Masters, expressing pleasure in seeing him back in action.

Butch Harmon
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It's also interesting that Rory McIlroy sought advice from Harmon before this tournament to achieve his goal and complete his Grand Slam career. However, it seems that the Northern Irishman will not succeed in his endeavor. Harmon is a person of vast experience and someone from whom Woods had the opportunity to learn a lot throughout his career. Butch still has affection for him, given their shared memories and great moments.

Some consider Tiger's performance satisfactory, considering it was difficult to predict what to expect from him. Injuries, as we've said countless times, are an important issue.

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