LIV Golf Commentator Criticizes Masters TV Coverage for Bias Toward PGA Tour Players

"So many people still feel threatened by LIV and that's their defence mechanism - that's all it is."

by Sead Dedovic
LIV Golf Commentator Criticizes Masters TV Coverage for Bias Toward PGA Tour Players
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If the conflict between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf wasn't already a hot topic, commentator Jerry Foltz's remarks and comments during this year's Masters certainly added fuel to the fire. TV coverage often becomes the subject of various analyses, as many scrutinize the decisions made by TV networks regarding tournaments like the Masters. 

Foltz is one of those who believe that TV networks have placed too much focus on PGA Tour players. During the Fairway To Heaven podcast, Foltz emphasized that many still feel threatened by LIV. He noted that he's been following this year's Masters, but he isn't pleased with the way TV networks are covering this popular golf event.

"So many people still feel threatened by LIV and that's their defence mechanism - that's all it is.

I have sat here for two days, three days and watched wall-to-wall coverage of The Masters with a lot of people who I respect, and the little petty talking points and the little establishment-type over-riding agenda, so to speak, is absolutely maddening.

But they're doing their job, they're towing the line for now because they're all basically controlled by the PGA Tour."- Foltz said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Foltz's commentary reflects a broader belief among some commentators and analysts within the golfing community. He shared an anecdote about a former colleague who expressed dismissiveness towards players associated with LIV Golf League, suggesting they weren't genuine contenders and didn't play "real golf" anymore. This opinion highlights a perceived bias against LIV players, indicating a deeper divide within the sport.

For a long time, the successes of LIV Golfers and their performances, in general, have been underestimated. Some golf fans believe that the LIV Golf Tour cannot offer what the PGA Tour can. The fact is that many quality golfers have become part of LIV Golf, but fans still believe that this Tour cannot match the quality of the PGA Tour. Foltz is probably one of those who believes that such opinions result from frustration over the departure of PGA Tour players, but also from the fact that LIV Golf is progressing.

Last year's Masters champion was Jon Rahm, who was then a PGA Tour player. Several months later, the Spaniard decided to continue his career in the LIV Golf, surprising the entire golfing community. LIV Golfers performed brilliantly at the Masters last year, and this year they entered with identical ambitions.

Jon Rahm winning the Masters in 2023
Jon Rahm winning the Masters in 2023© Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images Sport

Foltz pointed out that last year, several LIV Golf players achieved impressive finishes, including second, second, and fourth places. This year, those same players, along with Jon Rahm, who has joined LIV Golf, continue to impress. Despite this, some commentators still ignore their achievements. Foltz questions how such commentators can maintain credibility when they disregard top players simply because they are not part of the tour they cover. He can't understand why they would choose to be petty and spiteful towards talented golfers simply based on their affiliation with a different tour.

Foltz believes that there will eventually be a unification between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, a topic that has been discussed for a long time. Although a final agreement has not yet been reached, Foltz seems to be one of those who believe it will happen soon. He is most interested in the reaction of the leaders of the PGA Tour and the fans when unification occurs.

"It's going to be so fun to watch when it all comes together and all of those puppets realise 'oh, we didn't get our way and LIV might not be all that bad after all.' It's just going to be so much fun to watch. They're going to be crawling."- he continued.

Jerry Foltz on LIV Golfers

Foltz is someone who has massive respect for LIV Golfers, believing that they have the potential to achieve great things, not only at this Major but also at others. The Masters is certainly considered by many to be the most important Major, and success for LIV Golfers in this tournament would be significant for the leaders and fans of this tour. 

This LIV Golf League commentator doesn't understand why certain commentators are so critical towards LIV Golfers, even though most of them play excellent golf and have great chances for success at this Major. He highlighted the fact that LIV Golf ratings are increasing day by day, while PGA Tour ratings are declining week by week. He stresses that this demonstrates how powerful LIV Golf is.

The leadership of LIV Golf shares the same opinion as him, expecting that one of their players can achieve a good result. We will see who will be the most successful among them.

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