Rahm: "At least I'll keep that miserable birdie"

Jon Rahm offered his initial assessment of his third round at Augusta National

by Andrea Gussoni
Rahm: "At least I'll keep that miserable birdie"
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Jon Rahm offered his initial assessment of his third round at Augusta National: "Every round here is tough. I played well... had a good day, especially off the tee, but unfortunately, I couldn't capitalize on the par 5s. On the 2nd and 8th, my second shots left me in positions where I couldn't go for birdie.

And then the par 4s, they're really challenging here, especially with how fast and firm the course is. If I had shot under par today, I would have been quite happy... but, well, I'll take the putt on 17 and at least that birdie."

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The Basque golfer is clear that "tomorrow is another day; if I start well and get close to even par overall...

I think I can break into the top 10. Winning now, that's tough... but at least finishing the tournament on a positive note." When asked about his assessment of the 'moving day,' Jon added: "Today was a bit more like it... I found something in myself that helped me keep the ball in play, but I wasn't entirely comfortable either.

There were several shots that made me feel really good, like the drive on 18, the one on 8, the second shot on 4... several." In this regard, Rahm continued analyzing his game: "I'm looking for some gesture in the swing that helps, in quotes, 'push it forward'..

and in the end, I gained a bit of confidence. From the 14th, the last few drives have been really good." Jon also evaluated whether changing the format from 3 to 4 rounds could have affected him, and he said this: "When I'm playing, I forget it's three rounds, and I don't even notice the music...

I focus on my game. It's not as much as people think... Plus, I've played traditional golf my whole life, and I've only played five three-round tournaments... so I can't have forgotten. I understand the question, but no... it's solely my fault." Finally, praise for two champions at Augusta: "Seeing Txema and Tiger make the cut is amazing."

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