Phil Mickelson Reveals Candid Thoughts on LIV Golf Format Changes

The 54-hole system in LIV Golf is producing a wide range of reactions

by Sead Dedovic
Phil Mickelson Reveals Candid Thoughts on LIV Golf Format Changes
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Phil Mickelson appeared at this year's Masters, but it seems he didn't have particularly high ambitions playing at Augusta National. The 53-year-old golfer made the cut and finished the final round with 74. Mickelson spoke about his game at the Masters in a media interview, with a special emphasis on making his 27th Masters cut. Phil believes that such success is irrelevant, considering that the most important thing is to progress from round to round and become better. Mickelson also commented on some golfers who only did 36 holes.

"I don’t think it matters either way. Each competitive round is an opportunity to progress and get better. There are guys out on the Tour, players who only do 36 holes. A lot of guys only play 36 this week. "- Mickelson said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Mickelson emphasizes that every round is an opportunity to play extremely well and strive for significant achievements. He doesn't consider making a cut to be a major difference-maker. The experienced golfer reflects on some mini-tours where 54 holes are played, as well as the Champion Tour where the same format is used. 

Mickelson expects that LIV Golf executives will change the system in the future, and he wouldn't be surprised if LIV events were held with 72 holes. He repeated that such matters aren't particularly important to him. His goal is to improve and excel from round to round, and from tournament to tournament. He enjoyed playing at the Masters alongside the world's top golfers.

The 54-hole system in LIV Golf is producing a wide range of reactions. While some criticize such a system, citing its flaws, there are those who believe that this system is great for golfers. Phil wanted to reveal the difference between playing in 54-hole events and how they differ from those on the PGA Tour. 

The 53-year-old golfer emphasizes that the main difference lies in the first day. To be successful in LIV Golf events, it's crucial to shine on the first day, whereas in 72-hole events, you have the opportunity not to perform particularly well on the first day, with good chances to improve your score.

"You have to play well the first day or you’re so far behind that it’s hard to catch up, whereas in 72 you can kind of work your way into the tournament and fight if you don’t have it the first day, fight to keep it around par then make up ground. It could go either way. It’s just the nuances of a different format."- he continued.

Jon Rahm also reacted to 72-hole events

Jon Rahm, a Spanish golfer, has commented on the 72-hole format and the 54-hole format before this year's Masters, discussing the differences between these formats. Rahm, accustomed to playing on the PGA Tour for years under their rules and achieving tremendous success, found the transition to LIV Golf challenging, as he had to adapt to entirely new things. 

This 29-year-old Spaniard hopes that LIV Golf could make changes in the future, optimistic about switching to the 72-hole format. He believes it's an important step toward unification in the world of golf, as LIV Golf executives would demonstrate their readiness to adapt to the tradition and history of the sport and be open to changes. The amazing golfer still doesn't know if his colleagues at LIV share the same opinion, but he's someone who hopes that LIV could revert to the 72-hole format.

Jon Rahm
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This very format is one of the main reasons why the OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking) decided to reject their requests for points. LIV Golf executives had hoped and expected to be eligible for points, but there are many things they must change if they want to go in that direction. It seems they have already abandoned the intention for now, realizing that it will be difficult to be awarded ranking points. Their only hope is unification, which would give them a chance to compete under one flag and have equal rights. The question is when and if the deal will be reached.

Jon Rahm is one of the golfers hoping for unification. His decision to join LIV was not an easy one. The Spaniard considered for a long time whether it was the right option for him and whether it would truly ease his life. The substantial financial offer was the primary reason for his departure, but it also seems that the announcements about the final agreement between the PGA Tour and LIV eased his decision. Rahm confirmed this. He still hopes that both Tours will be ready to compromise and that we will soon witness unification on the golf scene.

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