Scottie Scheffler's Impressions After Winning the Masters

"I was sitting around with my buddies this morning, and I was telling them I wish I didn't want to win as badly as I do."

by Sead Dedovic
Scottie Scheffler's Impressions After Winning the Masters
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Scottie Scheffler fulfilled the expectations of fans and experts by winning the Masters this year, the second in his career. This 27-year-old golfer showed maturity when it was most needed, continuing his excellent form. Scheffler furiously started this year, and this year's Masters was just a confirmation of his qualities. 

Scottie won by four shots. This great golfer spoke about his impressions after winning the Masters in a conversation with the media. There is no doubt that it is a special moment that every golfer dreams of, and he is no exception. Before the start of the tournament, he knew he was a favorite, but he didn't allow such a role to create pressure on him and potentially ruin his plans. Scheffler had already won this competition before, so he didn't feel the pressure to win the Masters. He entered this tournament relaxed, not expecting much from himself.

'My buddies told me this morning, my victory was secure on the cross. And that's a pretty special feeling to know that I'm secure for forever and it doesn't matter if I win this tournament or lose this tournament. My identity is secure for forever. I get to come out here and compete, have fun, enjoy it; and then at the end of the day, win or lose, my identity is secure.' -Scottie Scheffler said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Before the tournament began, Scheffler talked about how enthusiastic he is regarding his wife and the birth of their child. His wife is due to give birth in a few weeks, and Scheffler will soon have his first child. The fact that he will soon become a father adds a certain amount of pressure to him playing in this tournament. Scheffler seems to be solely focused on that, ready to embrace fatherhood. He admitted that he is currently only thinking about it and returning home. The tournament is not as important to him at this moment. With a smile, Scheffler admitted that he wants to answer questions and return home as soon as possible.

"I was sitting around with my buddies this morning, and I was telling them I wish I didn't want to win as badly as I do," Scheffler said. "It would make Sunday mornings easier. I love to win, and I really hate to lose."

Scheffler told reporters on Thursday that he would be prepared to respond immediately if Meredith went into labor. He mentioned that while he wasn't overly concerned about her going into labor yet, stressing that they hadn't observed any early signs, he recognized the unpredictability of pregnancy, where things could happen unexpectedly. He emphasized the importance of keeping open lines of communication, ensuring that Meredith can reach out to him if necessary. 

Scheffler reflected on the preparations for the baby, stating that they feel a bit underprepared. He mentioned that the nursery isn't fully set up yet, and they've experienced some issues at their house in recent weeks. Despite this, he finds excitement in the process. He admitted feeling underprepared to become parents, expressing this sentiment as they anticipate the arrival of their baby.

Max Homa and Collin Morikawa reacted to Scheffler's victory

His colleagues were also impressed by such a victory, aware that he had a tough opponent in front of him, against whom it is very difficult to win. Max Homa is one of the golfers who reacted to Scheffler's win. Homa believes that commitment and mindset are what make Scheffler different from others. Homa thinks that Scheffler is great at letting things roll off his back, ready to show his best.

Collin Morikawa also spoke about the things that make Scheffler different from others. Morikawa emphasizes that there are many things that make him different, which is one of the reasons why he is such a successful golfer.

"I mean, everything. He drives the ball plenty, plenty long, well past me. Hits his irons obviously spectacular. Keeps it simple."- Morikawa said.

Scottie Scheffler expects great things in the future, ready to continue at the same pace moving forward. It's impressive how Scottie won this competition. Judging by his statements, it's as if he wasn't maximally motivated to win and entered this competition without expectations. 

His focus was on the birth of his child and the role of a father. Perhaps playing in such conditions, where he didn't expect much from himself, gives Scheffler strength and belief. The 27-year-old golfer once again showed that he is currently the best golfer. Hardly anyone can match him considering his form.

It will be interesting to follow his performances at other Majors this year. We have no doubt he will be equally impressive.

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