Jon Rahm Opens Up: "Encountered Hostile Attitudes" at The Masters

“Yes, I have noticed hostile attitudes, but I expected it."

by Sead Dedovic
Jon Rahm Opens Up: "Encountered Hostile Attitudes" at The Masters
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LIV Golf and the PGA Tour are in significantly better relations than they have been since the inception of the Saudi-backed Tour. The creation of this Tour sparked anger from golfers and PGA Tour officials who were either frustrated or angered by players' decisions to chase money. 

Fans of the sport, especially the older ones, couldn't understand why someone would prioritize money over tradition and prestige. We don't want to delve into the decisions of other golfers, but the fact is that much has changed in a short period. 

Many golfers have decided to follow paths similar to Phil Mickelson, Brooks Koepka, and others. The latest in line is Jon Rahm, who appeared at this year's Masters as a member of LIV Golf. 

The Spaniard expressed excitement before the start of this tournament, anticipating competing in an event where he celebrated victory last year. Although fans expected there to be no animosity from PGA Tour players and fans towards Rahm and his LIV Golf colleagues, the Spaniard experienced the opposite. 

After another Masters concluded, in an interview with Spanish media, Rahm confirmed that he noticed a hostile attitude from some individuals towards him. However, he wasn't surprised, as he expected such reactions.

“Yes, I have noticed hostile attitudes, but I expected it. My friends have continued to be my friends, but some with whom I had a very cordial relationship have not even looked at my face. These are things that happen.”- Jon Rahm said as quoted by Golf Monthly!

The Spanish golfer expected that some of his colleagues would have a somewhat hostile attitude towards him. Rahm was the main star of the PGA Tour at the time of his move to LIV Golf, and he was expected to be one of the main players on the Tour for years to come. The huge financial offer he received was difficult to resist. The Spaniard was put in a dilemma and had to think carefully about what to do. Ultimately, he decided to embark on a new chapter in his career, ready for new challenges.

It couldn't be expected that he wouldn't encounter positive reactions to his decision. The 29-year-old golfer is happy for the patrons who showed a positive attitude towards him and walked up to some tees regardless of the score, expressing gratitude. Such reactions were what motivated Rahm to try to achieve a good result. However, the Spaniard failed to deliver what he did last year, disappointing fans.

The playing conditions at this year's Masters were not exactly ideal, considering many golfers complained about the wind. Adapting to such conditions is always challenging regardless of your skill level. However, each of them had to be prepared for this, expecting the best from themselves.

Jon Rahm at Masters 2024
Jon Rahm at Masters 2024© Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport

Rahm expressed that feeling a bit disoriented and not having control over the situation made it much more challenging for him. He mentioned having to play defensively and carefully select his opportunities, but ultimately, he couldn't position himself well going into the final day of the tournament. He talked about the difficulty of the golf course and emphasized that shooting under par, let alone in the 60s, was a noteworthy achievement given the challenging conditions.

Jon Rahm on the possibility of missing the cut

Jon Rahm was close to missing the cut, but he managed to recover and produce a result that ensured he would compete during the last two days. Rahm is happy that he succeeded in his intentions, reflecting on the advantages of missing the cut. However, the Spaniard hopes to be successful in the future when it comes to the Masters as well. The 29-year-old golfer believes that tough moments are an integral part of every golfer's career, including his own. Having strong reactions to failure isn't the best thing. Rahm stresses that despite everything, a person should get back on track, expecting even better things from themselves.

“One of the few perks of missing the cut here is you get to hang out in places you usually can’t,” Rahm said.

“Luckily, I haven’t experienced that yet, and hopefully, I don’t. Hopefully, I don’t. Listen, in our line of work, you’re going to have some bad weeks. You can’t let it beat you down too much. Otherwise, it would be a very hard life.”

Although Jon Rahm was one of the main contenders from LIV Golf to achieve success at the Masters, the Spaniard was disappointed this time. Generally speaking, LIV Golfers weren't particularly successful at this year's Masters, even though they were ready to come and convince critics that LIV possesses quality golfers.

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