Scottie Scheffler's caddy: I'm pinching myself. I don't know how I get to do this

Scott highlights Scheffler's unique talent and versatility, emphasizing that Scheffler excels in virtually every aspect of the game

by Sead Dedovic
Scottie Scheffler's caddy: I'm pinching myself. I don't know how I get to do this
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Scottie Scheffler has impressed everyone after winning yet another Masters. This 27-year-old American emerges as the main contender for dominance in the coming years. Great things are expected from him in the future, considering his dominance this year and the qualities he has shown over the years. One of those particularly excited after Scheffler's victory is his caddie, Ted Scott. He emphasized that he still is pinching himself after everything. He's happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with a golfer like Scheffler. He has progressed a lot with him but has also sought someone better than himself to have room for improvement.

"Honestly, I'm just pinching myself. I don't know how I get to do this.

When I was 19 years old, a guy by the name of Ryan Smith told me, if you want to get better at something, find people who are better at you and spend time with them. That's kind of been my motto in life."- Scott said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

Scott considers himself fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with Scottie and be his caddie. Throughout his career, Scott has had the chance to work with big names in the golf scene, and Scottie is certainly one of the biggest names he has worked with. With this year's victory in mind, Scott expects even better things from Scheffler in the future, hoping that the 27-year-old golfer can demonstrate why he is the main contender for winning future Majors.

Ted Scott and Scottie Scheffler
Ted Scott and Scottie Scheffler© Raj Mehta/Getty Images Sport

Scott highlights Scheffler's unique talent and versatility, emphasizing that Scheffler excels in virtually every aspect of the game. He suggests that Scheffler's strength lies in his ability to perform well across the board, without any noticeable weaknesses. Scott dismisses the notion of Scheffler being weak in putting, stating that it's a misconception and that Scheffler is a strong and skilled putter.

Scott is a person with vast experience in the golf scene, having been present in the world of golf for almost more than two decades. Interestingly, Scott had the opportunity to be Bubba Watson's caddy for a whopping 15 years. The two of them shared many moments of success and left their mark on the golf scene. Of course, they are still around, intending to leave their mark again, but this time not together. 

Watson won the Masters 12 years ago, just like Scheffler did this year. Interestingly, Scott was Watson's caddy back then. In addition to Watson, Scheffler's current caddy has had the opportunity to collaborate with Paul Azinger

A few years ago, Watson spoke highly of Scott, emphasizing that they still keep in touch and have a good relationship. After they ended their cooperation, shortly thereafter came a call from Scheffler who wanted Scott as his caddy. This experienced caddy didn't immediately accept the offer but had a few requests for Scheffler, one of which was that he was willing to work on certain areas.

Ted Scott is delighted by Scottie Scheffler's abilities

Scott confirmed that Scheffler called him in 2021, which turned out to be probably one of the best decisions Scheffler could have made. As we have already mentioned, Scott knew that working with young golfers could be challenging, as they often have their direction and may not be willing to heed the advice and guidance of others. However, this amazing caddy noticed something entirely different about Scheffler, sensing that he was the right person to collaborate with.

Ted Scott and Scottie Scheffer
Ted Scott and Scottie Scheffer © Raj Mehta/Getty Images Sport

Scott expressed his surprise at Scheffler's extraordinary abilities. He marvels at Scheffler's unique talent and stresses that Scheffler possesses a level of skill that sets him apart from others. Scott recalls his initial impression of Scheffler when he received the call from him, admitting that he had underestimated Scheffler's talent at first. However, after spending time together and witnessing Scheffler's prowess firsthand, Scott's admiration for Scheffler's abilities has only grown stronger.

From the moment they began their collaboration, it's a fact that Scheffler has progressed greatly. The young American has been open to new things, eager to learn from his caddy and others. Scheffler's attitude and character are something special, and one of the reasons why he's so successful. Throughout this year, he has impressed everyone, showing that all the talk about him and the predictions are indeed true. After all is said and done, Scheffler will have even more motivation to prove himself, ready to break many records in the future. His intentions are not to focus on others, belittle them, or follow them. His intentions are primarily to focus on himself and strive for progress.

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