Ludvig Aberg Shares Future Ambitions After Masters Runner-Up Finish

Aberg reflected on his performance, stressing the setback of hitting the ball into the water on the 11th hole

by Sead Dedovic
Ludvig Aberg Shares Future Ambitions After Masters Runner-Up Finish
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Ludvig Aberg impressed everyone in his debut at Augusta National. The brilliant Swede finished as the runner-up during his first career Masters. Aberg is a well-known name among golf fans, following his Ryder Cup debut last year. In a short period, the Swede has achieved significant success, hinting that he could potentially become World No.1 in the future. 

In a media interview, Aberg reflected on his Masters' success. Although his ambition was to wear the Green Jacket given how close he was to his goal, the Swede has every right to be pleased with his performance. Feeling the pressure of this competition and contending for the Masters title is a dream come true for him.

“First of all, playing here at Augusta National is a dream come true. Just to be in this situation and feel the nerves and feel the pressure walking down the last couple holes is what you dream of.

This is what I have been wanting to do for such a long time, and it’s quite surreal to actually have the opportunity to experience it. But I’m so proud of me, myself, and all of the people on my team and my family and everyone involved.”- Aberg said, as quoted by Bunkered!

Aberg reflected on his performance, stressing the setback of hitting the ball into the water on the 11th hole. He emphasized the importance of perseverance, stating that he and his team remained focused on continuing to play regardless of the challenges they faced. Aberg highlighted the belief that consistent effort allows one's skills to shine through, contrasting it with the stagnation that occurs when one stops playing. He credited their success to their ability to maintain their momentum and mindset throughout the tournament.

Although he is 24 years old, the Swede looked like a golfer who has been present on the big stage for years. His maturity on the golf course and ambition for success are something special. Despite being aware of the presence of some of the world's best golfers alongside him, he had no intention of looking down on them, realizing that he is a golfer who possesses qualities of his own.

Ludvig Aberg
Ludvig Aberg© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

Aberg emphasized the importance of maintaining composure and continuing to focus on the game, especially after facing challenges like hitting the ball into the water. He mentioned the importance of finishing strongly despite those setbacks, underlining his resilience and determination. Additionally, he expressed confidence in his game and swing leading up to the tournament, indicating a positive mindset and preparation.

Ludvig Aberg: There’s so much more to golf

That golf is not just a physical game was confirmed by Aberg. Playing in such big tournaments requires mental strength. It's crucial to remain focused and calm in key moments. The Swede knew that this Major carried responsibility and that he had to enter the tournament with a special mindset. Aberg reflected on his collaboration with his team, aiming to progress. His improvement can be felt from tournament to tournament. The fact that he is 24 years old speaks volumes about how bright his future is.

But, you know, there’s so much more to golf. There’s a lot of things that needs to come together, and I felt like we did a lot of golf stuff the last couple of weeks. We’ve been working on a few things, me and my team, my coaches."- he continued.

Aberg conveyed satisfaction in seeing his skills shine on such a powerful stage, indicating his ability to execute shots and putts as he desires. This success is encouraging for him, motivating him to replicate it consistently in the future. 

When you display quality at a tournament like a Majors, it gives you motivation for what lies ahead. Aberg realized he has the potential to win one of the Majors, which will greatly motivate him for future Majors and challenges.

Aberg is now ranked No. 7 in the world. Fans are hopeful that the Swede will continue at the same pace in the upcoming period, with the aim of becoming the future World No. 1. The young golfer highlighted that anyone in his position would strive to win Majors and become number 1. He has set new goals for himself for the future. His statements reveal his intentions for the future.

“Everyone in my position, they are going to want to be major champions. They are going to want to be world No. 1s, and it’s the same for me, and that’s nothing different."- he said.

From the first day of his career, he has aimed to become the best golfer in the world. Aberg has no doubt that with performances like these, he has a chance to achieve his goal.

Ludvig Aberg