Jose Maria Olazabal Impressed by Performance of Two Young Golfers at the Masters

Olazabal expressed his feelings about the Masters, emphasizing that it's always an honor and a privilege for him to participate

by Sead Dedovic
Jose Maria Olazabal Impressed by Performance of Two Young Golfers at the Masters
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José María Olazábal had the opportunity to compete in this year's Masters. Despite being 58 years old, Olazábal still impresses many with his qualities. He was the second oldest player in this tournament to have won the Masters, considering that Vijay Singh also competed this year. In a media interview, Olazábal expressed his happiness at having the opportunity to compete in this Major. The Spaniard admitted that he did not expect himself to perform so well.

Olazabal shared 45th place at nine-under-par.

Having the chance to compete for only the second time in the last ten years, the Spaniard aimed to capitalize on the momentum. He is known as a golfer of exceptional quality and a person who has accomplished great things on the golf scene. Considering his age, it's hard to expect the Spaniard to be more dominant, but certainly, his performance at Augusta National was impressive.

“I enjoyed every bit of it, I have to say. It was a wonderful present to be able to play the weekend,” he said, as quoted by Irish Golfer!

“I think it’s the second time in ten years or whatever. I wasn’t expecting that, to be honest, tackling the week. I wasn’t expecting to play good golf like I did this week."

On Friday, Olazabal originally believed he might not make the cut, expecting to fall short by one stroke. However, due to the weather conditions, some players' performances declined, allowing him to advance to the weekend rounds. Being able to play through the weekend at Augusta, three decades after his victory, was an important achievement for him.

Talking about his performance, Olazabal expressed satisfaction with how he played and how he managed the situation throughout the week. He enjoyed every moment of the tournament and felt proud of his performance and composure under pressure.

Olazabal expressed his feelings about the Masters, emphasizing that it's always an honor and a privilege for him to participate. He shared that every time he enters the tournament venue, he experiences a sense of peace within himself, which he finds very gratifying.

The experienced Spaniard also reflected on two outstanding golfers: Ludvig Aberg and Nicolai Højgaard. Both are young golfers with a bright future ahead of them. Aberg impressed golf fans by finishing just behind Scheffler. The young Swede demonstrates that he will be a golfer who will achieve great things in the future. Olazabal emphasized that he was impressed by their performances. During the Ryder Cup, he could already see their talent and skill on the golf course.

Nicolai Højgaard
Nicolai Højgaard© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

“I’ve been impressed with them, especially at the Ryder Cup. I met the boys there for the first time, and the way they hit the ball, the way they swing, they do so many things well. It is not surprising that they’re in the mix."- Olazabal said!

He emphasized that these golfers will be contenders for winning many Masters in the future. Hojgaard finished 16th, which is a great result. He intends to improve his form and be even better in the upcoming period.

Ludvig Åberg and his future: Huge expectations for the Swede

Ludvig Åberg has set high expectations for himself after his performance at the Masters. Playing in such a tournament is a dream come true. The young Swede has long fantasized about this moment and has made the most of the opportunity presented to him. He spoke about the pressure of playing in this tournament, especially when it comes to the last holes, where the winner is decided. 

Ludvig Aberg at the Masters 2024
Ludvig Aberg at the Masters 2024© Warren Little/Getty Images Sport

Such moments will be valuable for the young Swede to gain experience and progress as a player. Playing in such a competition is probably the best possible experience for a young golfer like him. He admitted that before the start of this tournament, he worked a lot with his team to refine some aspects and try to achieve a good result. Golf analysts and experts have highlighted that this performance of the 24-year-old golfer is an indication of even greater things to come for him in the future.

Of course, we must not forget Hojgaard, another golfer from whom we have great expectations in the upcoming period. The European Ryder Cup team can be happy with the promising golfers it has, which will be an ideal opportunity for them to achieve success in 2025 in the US.

Every Masters and any tournament is an opportunity to learn something new, and these young golfers participating in the Masters and Ryder Cup indicate that they will win many trophies in their careers. It will be interesting to follow their progress and careers.