Max Homa is tired of money talk: He wants changes in the golf world

Homa believes that fans are tired of hearing the same stories, not just golfers

by Sead Dedovic
Max Homa is tired of money talk: He wants changes in the golf world
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The debate regarding the LIV Golf and PGA Tour continues and seems likely to persist. Both tours have their own goals and ambitions, but it appears they are hindering each other. Such an atmosphere is causing frustration for many, including Max Homa

This talented golfer is primarily frustrated by the money talks that have emerged since the arrival of LIV Golf. It seems that never in the history of golf has the emphasis been so much on money as it is now. Homa has highlighted that he is tired of hearing the same stories day after day, frustrated by it all. However, Homa is still happy for the opportunity to compete in major tournaments.

"I've actually been pretty amazed this year with the fatigue I have from all of this garbage going on," Homa said, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

"But each event on-site has felt amazing. The Masters was incredible. Bay Hill was awesome. The Players was awesome. All these events I've been to have been great."

Since the arrival of LIV Golf, various headlines regarding money have emerged. There is a great emphasis on the figures that LIV Golf offers PGA Tour players to join their ranks. Although such figures are indeed significant, the fact is that many rumors are untrue, and individuals fabricate stories to attract attention. 

Homa commented on the internet and the various stories that emerge day by day. He also believes that fans are tired of hearing the same stories, not just golfers. Homa thinks that the focus should be on golf and the progress of the sport, enjoying the competition week after week. The money talk spoils the overall impression and image of golf as a sport.

"Yet on the internet and what I'm seeing with those numbers and all that, it does seem like yeah, I would imagine fans have fatigue. 

They probably should have fatigue. I don't know why they'd want to care about how much money we're making and how much more money we want to make. It's quite nauseating."- he continued.

Homa emphasized his love for golf and expressed his desire for the sport to prosper further. He highlighted that despite some narratives, the popularity of golf is actually increasing, with more people engaging in the sport. While he stresses the importance of fans following both traditional golf and new initiatives like LIV Golf, he ultimately finds it gratifying that golf's popularity is on the rise.

Although the arrival of LIV Golf is often viewed through a negative lens, the truth is that it has brought many positive aspects to golf globally. Primarily, a significant number of non-golf fans couldn't help but notice the stories surrounding the influx of Saudi money into the sport, sparking additional interest and prompting many to see what's happening in the world of golf. 

Golf fans, particularly the older ones, are generally unhappy with the arrival of LIV Golf, frustrated by the huge sums of money that LIV offers to players, leading to divisions in the golf world.

Max Homa on PAC meeting

Homa put an accent on the efforts they are undertaking, citing a productive PAC meeting they had recently. He expressed inspiration from the discussions centered on improving the experience for fans. Homa reflected on a period of stagnation lasting about a year and a half to two years, during which the focus was primarily on satisfying players, to the detriment of the fans.

Max Homa
Max Homa© Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport

Homa hopes that time will show that golf is nothing without fans who watch the sport. The ambitions of both Tours' leaders are to attract attention to golf. They are trying various ways to grab attention, especially from younger audiences who are becoming increasingly disconnected from sports in general, not just golf. Homa anticipates a lot of innovations in the future aimed at drawing attention to the sport and generating interest. 

He believes that fans should not be completely disappointed, as there will surely be more excitement awaiting them in the future. There are various ways in which golf leaders can generate interest in the sport, but it is necessary to conduct an analysis and determine the best strategies for the future.

It seems that golfers are becoming happier, given that the leaders of both Tours are providing them with conditions in which they can progress, earn well, and achieve great things. They are aware that the focus now needs to shift from them to the fans, as the fans make this sport what it is. We hope that in a few months, we will be watching the golf we have been accustomed to seeing for years.

Max Homa