Scottie Scheffler Shares Impressions Following Victory at RBC Heritage

Scheffler explained that he holds himself to high standards and always aims to perform at his best when competing in tournaments

by Sead Dedovic
Scottie Scheffler Shares Impressions Following Victory at RBC Heritage
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Scottie Scheffler has once again demonstrated, this time at the RBC Heritage, that he is currently a golfer who is hard to stop. After his fourth victory in the last five outings, Scheffler has left a huge impression on everyone. Following his win at the Masters, some were skeptical if the young American could maintain the same pace. However, Scheffler seems unstoppable! Finishing the tournament at 19-under par, Scottie has shown his opponents that they will have huge problems with him in the future. At the press conference after the victory, Scottie reacted to a question regarding his pregnant wife.

'I didn’t really put much thought into it. I had committed to playing the tournament here, it was part of the plan, so we stuck to the plan,' Scheffler said, as quoted by Daily Mail!

Although some thought that Scottie wouldn't have huge ambitions and motivation for this tournament, Scheffler approached this tournament just as seriously, with the intention to win. While grateful for the congratulations, he didn't want to come formally and just talk about the Masters. He knew that the RBC Heritage is a serious tournament where big names play.

'I talked about it at the beginning of the week; I didn't show up here just to have some sort of ceremony and have people tell me congratulations. I came here with a purpose. Got off to a slow start but after that played some really nice golf.'- he continued.

Scottie Scheffler wins RBC Heritage 2024
Scottie Scheffler wins RBC Heritage 2024© Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images Sport

Scheffler expressed his enthusiasm for winning a second tournament in a row, highlighting the exciting sensation of hitting a precisely executed golf shot near the pin. He explained that this feeling is addicting and is what draws people back to the game. Fans could enjoy the beautiful shots and brilliant play of Scottie Scheffler, aware that he is the golfer who leads the way.

Additionally, Scottie shared his love for golf, emphasizing his enjoyment of practicing alone and engaging in casual games with others. Scheffler said that golf has been an important part of his life for a long time and hopes it will continue to be in the future.

Scheffler explained that he holds himself to high standards and always aims to perform at his best when competing in tournaments.  Observing his performances, some believe that the 27-year-old American could break many records and become one of the biggest names in the future. However, judging by Scheffler's reactions, he is not someone who desires such accolades, likely aware that it is too early to see himself in that light. His intentions are equally focused on entering upcoming tournaments, ready to conquer the competition and achieve success.

Scottie discussed the importance of preparation and how it contributes to his readiness on the first tee. He feels that his hard work and consistent performance have started to pay off with recent victories. His intentions and goals at the beginning of this year were to work on some finer aspects and thus improve his game. Scheffler succeeded in that regard.

Scottie Scheffler is happy with the mental aspect of his game

Regarding his mental game, Scheffler stressed that he has been particularly strong in recent weeks, which he believes has contributed to his success on the course. If you're not mentally strong, your competition will exploit every weakness of yours and claim victory. Scheffler understands that golf is a mental game, where you must remain focused and resilient, and even after making a mistake, you must bounce back into the game. This is one aspect of the game that makes Scheffler special: getting back into the game even when things aren't going your way.

Reflecting on the current tournament, Scheffler described a challenging moment where he found himself struggling while others were thriving on the leaderboard.

The 27-year-old golfer knew he had to remain patient, wait for his moment, and try to secure the victory. Thursday was particularly outstanding for him, as was Friday. Scheffler sealed the deal on Saturday, once again confirming his skills and dominance

“I just did my best to stay patient and wait until I got hot.

Had a nice finish to the round on Thursday and then had a really solid Friday where I felt like I played better than I scored, and then I had Saturday where I just played some really good golf.”

It will be interesting to follow his progress in the upcoming period. When you have this kind of momentum, naturally, there are high expectations of you, and you'll be seen as the favorite in every subsequent tournament. Scheffler seems unafraid to embrace such a role, ready to prove that pressure is no problem for him. 

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