Jon Rahm Critiques World Tour Leaders' Efforts to Bring Golf to Australia

"I think there could have been a bigger effort made (by the tours)."

by Sead Dedovic
Jon Rahm Critiques World Tour Leaders' Efforts to Bring Golf to Australia
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Jon Rahm didn't impress golf fans at the Masters, considering he didn't show his best. The 29-year-old Spaniard intends to quickly forget his failure at Augusta National and focus on the upcoming challenges in his career. His next challenge will be the LIV event in Adelaide. Rahm has huge ambitions for this tournament and aims to achieve great success. 

In an interview with the Australian Golf Digest, Rahm responded to a reporter's question where the reporter mentioned hearing that LIV Adelaide is Rahm's new favorite tournament. The former PGA Tour player had an interesting response, stating that he had the opportunity to watch this tournament last year and was impressed by the atmosphere and the course.

"I’d say Valderrama is 1a and Adelaide is 1b. Obviously going home [to Spain] is always special, but I’ve heard so many good things about LIV Golf Adelaide. I watched some of the broadcast last year and the course looked absolutely incredible, and the atmosphere…  well, what can you say about that? The party hole (12th hole) looked amazing. It’s not easy to replicate the most spectacular holes in golf and LIV Golf did it on their first attempt, which was pretty special. I am yet to meet an Australian who is not nice so I’m looking forward to getting back. I can’t really put it into words just how excited I am to get there."- Jon Rahm said.

Jon Rahm at Masters 2024
Jon Rahm at Masters 2024© Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport

LIV Adelaide will be held from April 26th to April 28th at The Grange Golf Club. As early as November last year, Greg Norman, the LIV CEO, confirmed that LIV Adelaide would be on the calendar for 2024 as well. Australian fans showed last year how eager they are for golf and were happy to have golf back in Australia. Norman already emphasized last year that LIV Golf Adelaide showed the world how the global audience is embracing LIV Golf, with optimism that the same will happen in the future.

In a conversation with a reporter, Jon Rahm also commented on the world tours, responding to a reporter's question about whether he thinks Australia has been neglected by the world tours. The Spaniard pointed out that Australia is a challenging country to get to. However, on the other hand, he believes that tour leaders should have shown more desire and courage to play golf in Australia. The reactions from fans last year are sufficient evidence of how much Australians want to see golf in their country.

"It’s easy to say yes but you also have to understand, Australia isn’t the easiest country to get to. But I think there could have been a bigger effort made (by the tours). I do remember growing up watching the Australian Open, Australian Masters and Australian PGA and those three events being big events that attracted the best players."- he continued. 

He recalled watching prestigious events like the Australian Open, Australian Masters, and Australian PGA while growing up, which used to attract top players. However, as he transitioned to a professional golfer, playing in Australia wasn't as common. Rahm stressed the rich history of golf in Australia, citing legends like Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player who have achieved huge success there. He expressed his satisfaction in now having the opportunity to be part of playing golf in Australia.

Many quality golfers and stars have had the opportunity to play on Australian soil, and Rahm is enthusiastically anticipating such a challenge in his career with optimism that he can achieve success during his first appearance in Australia. He will certainly be one of the most intriguing names there, considering his career achievements and importance in LIV Golf.

Jon Rahm wants to enjoy the beauty of Australia

Rahm explained that his current priority is determining whether his family will join him during his time in Australia. If they do, they will be his main focus, but if not, he plans to seek advice from locals on what activities to pursue. 

The Spaniard is aware of Australia's historical richness and the beauty of this country, and he will surely take advantage of his free time to enjoy the surroundings. It's not known how much time Rahm will have for this, but it's clear that he intends to visit certain locations.

He mentioned that his swing coach, Dave Phillips, has experience living in Australia and can provide some guidance, but Rahm himself is unfamiliar with Adelaide and looks forward to exploring the area. 

The Spaniard is primarily focused on achieving a good result, and then if he succeeds in his intentions, he will use additional time to explore this fantastic country.

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