Cameron Smith Reveals Changes for This Year's LIV Adelaide

Reflecting on last year, Smith confirmed that he has learned a lot since then

by Sead Dedovic
Cameron Smith Reveals Changes for This Year's LIV Adelaide
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Cameron Smith plans to change his mindset this time in Adelaide. This year's LIV Adelaide will start on Friday, and many are eager to compete for the top prize and lift the trophy. Cameron Smith, an Australian, is aware that there is a lot of hype surrounding him as he plays in his home country. Reflecting on last year, Smith confirmed that he has learned a lot since then. When it comes to preparations, they had many issues and were busy. The intention this time is to lift the trophy without seeking excuses.

"We learnt a lot," Smith said, as reported by thewest!

"Particularly in the preparation of last year, we were pretty busy and we were probably pretty drained by the time the tournament started.

We learned a lot from that and a lot of prep has gone into making sure we have no excuses this year, and we can try and lift that team trophy at the end of the week."

Cameron Smith
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Cameron Smith has long dreamed of this moment and hopes that this year he will perform significantly better than before. Smith will have the advantage of the home crowd, which will give him additional motivation throughout the tournament. He hopes he can meet the fans' expectations and achieve victory in Adelaide.

"That has definitely been the goal since the start of the year - this is our big one.

We want to try and get that done for all the fans here in Adelaide."- Smith said.

Ripper GC team, composed of four brilliant Australians: Cameron Smith, Lucas Herbert, Matt Jones, and Marc Leishman, has great ambitions. It's precisely the last mentioned, Leishman, who highlighted what their goals are.

Leishman summarized the team's goals, emphasizing their desire to entertain the crowd while aiming for a successful week. He mentioned that they learned valuable lessons from last year's experience, particularly regarding time management. This year, they arrived in town a day earlier to ensure better preparation and avoid feeling overly fatigued before the tournament.

Marc Leishman
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Last year wasn't particularly good for them when it came to Australia. The fatigue they felt caused them significant problems, but this year could be a whole different story for them. Certainly, the most prominent name among them is Cameron Smith, who will receive the most attention. The question is whether this young Australian can meet the fans' expectations. Feeling pressure can sometimes be tough for an individual, but Smith will surely know how to deal with it.

Cameron Smith wants to change his behavior

Smith recognized the need to change his behavior, mentioning his intention to decrease his late-night activities, such as participating in the beer-drinking tradition at DJ Fisher's post-round party last year. He explained that he learned from the previous year's experience, indicating, "That's one of the things I took away from last year. I'm probably not going to do that as much." While he still plans to attend the concert, he mentioned that he may not be as actively involved as he was last year.

His intentions are to primarily focus on golf and to achieve success on home soil. Every golfer dreams of playing on home soil one day, receiving support from the home crowd, and achieving success. Smith spoke about this last year as well but failed to fulfill his intention. However, another opportunity has arisen for him to change things this time around. Considering the quality at LIV Golf, Smith will have a tough task ahead. There are many interesting names in LIV Golf and quality golfers waiting for their chance.

Last year, the most successful was Talor Gooch. This year, there are several favorites. Leishman pointed out that it's always interesting to play in one's own country and enjoy the support of the home crowd. In addition to the golf course, Leishman emphasized that fans in Australia feel excitement beyond the course, following this event from their homes or cities.

What can please the organizers of this Tour regarding the event in Australia is the fact that last year 77,000 tickets were sold. This shows how well the LIV Golf executives are doing their job and how hard they strive to expand this brand to all countries worldwide. LIV Golf will be played over three days, starting on April 26th. LIV Golf Adelaide will be played over 25 holes.

A total of 54 players will compete, including many quality golfers. The Grange Golf Club will host this event. It's also interesting that many dream of winning this event, given the massive $25 million purse. The winner of this tournament will earn $4 million.

Cameron Smith