Cameron Smith: I'm putting my hand up for more of an international schedule

"I can see it definitely working internationally a lot better than the US because there's just so many tournaments in the US."

by Sead Dedovic
Cameron Smith: I'm putting my hand up for more of an international schedule
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LIV Golf has entered the golf scene intending to make great things and thrilling golf fans. Looking at the current situation, it must be acknowledged that they have succeeded to some extent. From day one, they have been innovative, emphasizing that many more innovations will be introduced in the future. 

One of LIV's interesting moves was bringing golf back to Australia, a country that eagerly awaited this moment. Australians are a nation that loves golf and wants to see golf in their country. In just two days, a LIV Golf event will be held in Adelaide, Australia. 

LIV Golf is a tour that also operates on a team-based system. One of the teams is the Australian Ripper GC Team, composed of four Australians. Cameron Smith, once one of the top names on the PGA Tour, decided to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf over two years ago, sparking a lot of reactions. 

However, the Australian was not particularly focused on such reactions. He is primarily happy that golf has returned to Australia and that the situation will be the same this year.

At the press conference ahead of another LIV Golf event, this time in Adelaide, Smith reflected on Australian fans and the fact that they will enjoy golf this year just as they did last year. He is happy that the tour's executives have understood the need for golf to become a global game, expanding to other continents and countries. This is what many golf fans advocate for day in and day out.

“I think the Australian fans are pretty hard to recreate around the world, but you just pick a city or a country that I guess hadn't seen good golf for a long time,” said Smith, as quoted by Golf Monthly!

“It worked last year. It's going to work again this year here. I can see it definitely working internationally a lot better than the US because there's just so many tournaments in the US.

I'm definitely putting my hand up for more of an international schedule and getting fans out that haven't seen quality golf for a while and showing them what LIV is all about.”

Marc Leishman on the global opportunities in golf

His colleague, Marc Leishman, who aims to impress everyone at the tournament starting in a couple of days, shares the same opinion with his colleague. Although Smith is the name that Australian fans will pay the most attention to, the other trio must not be underestimated, especially Leishman.

Leishman emphasized the global opportunities in golf, mirroring Smith's sentiments about untapped markets such as Adelaide. He highlighted the potential for tournaments in regions like Chile, South Africa, Asia, and India, suggesting that areas starved of world-class golf present important opportunities for expansion. 

Marc Leishman
Marc Leishman© Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Sport

It's interesting that the intentions of golf tour executives are to expand golf to other continents and countries that haven't had much opportunity to enjoy the beauty of golf. However, LIV Golf seems to be the only one ready to take such a step, demonstrating their understanding of the needs of golf fans in other countries and continents. This is one of the ways LIV Golf gains fans and their sympathies. LIV Golf executives have developed a clear plan from day one with the aim of becoming the number one tour in the future.

Leishman reflected on the PGA Tour, which mostly plays in America, and its main fan base is there. He is happy that LIV Golf leaders intend to expand their brand globally. This will bring them, as we have already mentioned, fans, but also huge profits.

Lucas Herbert is happy with LIV Golf's moves

Lucas Herbert focused on the team aspect and emphasized how it influences fans around the world to start following LIV Golf. From the first day on this Tour, Herbet pointed out that he is happy with the philosophy of this Tour and their plans for the future.

Herbert highlighted how the team format of LIV Golf makes it easier for countries like Chile to support specific teams such as Torque. He also expressed his admiration for the success of the Adelaide event last year but noted the challenge of replicating that success multiple times globally. Fans in Adelaide showed last year that they were open to these changes and happy that LIV Golf came to Australian soil. Excitement is once again building this year, with some believing that this year will bring even more excitement and even more fans than last year.

Herbert suggested that having countries associated with each team could create a strong sense of excitement and support similar to cheering for a home team in international events.

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