DP World Tour Chief Encourages PGA Tour to Embrace Rory McIlroy's Return

“I would welcome it wholeheartedly. It would be an incredibly positive move for the PGA Tour."

by Sead Dedovic
DP World Tour Chief Encourages PGA Tour to Embrace Rory McIlroy's Return
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Guy Kinnings, Chief Executive Officer of DP World Tour, who assumed this position less than a month ago, will face interesting challenges in his career, ready to assist DP World Tour and other partner tours to progress in the future. Kinnings immediately upon taking on his new role confirmed his readiness to advance golf and achieve set goals in the future. Succeeding Keith Pelley will certainly be an interesting task. 

In recent days, there has been much talk about Rory McIlroy returning to the PGA Tour Policy Board. After Rory decided to leave the PGA Tour Policy Board five months ago, it seems he is now ready to return and help the PGA Tour again. He then emphasized that he had expended too much energy and needed to focus on his game and performance.

Some of the well-known international media outlets have confirmed that McIlroy will return after the voting on Wednesday. Kinnings is one of those who decided to react to such news, expressing excitement and happiness. He believes it will be a great move for the PGA Tour, as well as for many others. Rory McIlroy already has experience in that position, and besides that, he is an important golf figure who can change many things with his reputation.

“I would welcome it wholeheartedly. It would be an incredibly positive move for the PGA Tour to take but it would be great for everyone.”- Kinnings said, as quoted by Guardian!

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy© Warren Little/Getty Images Sport

Kinnings is aware that Rory McIlroy is a passionate golfer who is deeply committed to success. He emphasized his delight at how invested McIlroy is in every aspect of the game. In moments of uncertainty, McIlroy often demonstrates a keen sense and can anticipate developments. 

Kinnings stresses that individuals with such knowledge and experience are always valuable, regardless of the context. Prior to this, Rory McIlroy has established good relationships with other tours, knows many important figures in the golf world, and it is precisely his connections that can be a guarantee of success for the PGA Tour. McIlroy is someone who carries high expectations for the future of this tour and golf as a whole.

“He takes an interest in so many aspects of the sport. I have known him for a very long time and he is so thoughtful. You think you know what is going on in the game and then you listen to Rory and say: ‘Wow, he has put that so well.’

You want to have people who are ready to apply that kind of knowledge, experience and thinking. He is very well connected with people at the PGA Tour, the DP World Tour – we rely on him hugely – and also the PIF. He is the right person with those connections [and] would be a huge asset.”-Kinnings continued.

Kinnings sees it as a fantastic opportunity, especially with the involvement of influential figures like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, who have made significant contributions to the game. According to Kinnings, addressing this issue quickly is crucial, but it requires careful consideration and involvement of the right individuals due to its complexity.

Tiger Woods is equally important, perhaps even more so than Rory McIlroy. Woods' vast experience and qualities could come to the forefront now when they are most needed. Woods has stated that he is ready to assist the PGA Tour in these challenging times. Members of this Tour can consider themselves lucky to have such players committed to the loyalty and progress of the PGA Tour. It also seems that other members of the PGA Tour are equally passionate about defending the interests of the PGA Tour, with optimism that the PGA Tour can achieve even greater things in the future.

Guy Kinnings: I was always delighted to have European representation

Kinnings expressed his satisfaction with having European representation. He stresses that having a global perspective is crucial, and Rory illustrates that perspective fully. Kinnings emphasized the importance of this moment and Rory's dedication to finding solutions that benefit the sport worldwide. He sees Rory's involvement as highly valuable and constructive in the constant discussions. Personally and on behalf of the tour, Kinnings would be delighted to see McIlroy playing a significant role in these important conversations once again.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds and whether Rory will indeed return to the PGA Tour Policy Board. His involvement would be a powerful and positive step for the PGA Tour. Several months ago, McIlroy changed his stance regarding LIV Golf, believing that individuals who left the PGA Tour have the right to return without any obstacles. His views did not receive positive reactions.

We will see what his statements could mean and whether Rory will continue to hold such views and opinions in the future. Exciting months lie ahead.

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