Jon Rahm Reveals What Could Draw Fans to Follow LIV Golf

Jon Rahm wants LIV Golf to progress and gain an even bigger fan base

by Sead Dedovic
Jon Rahm Reveals What Could Draw Fans to Follow LIV Golf
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There are many things that golf fans are not happy with when it comes to LIV Golf. Jon Rahm decided to spoke about this. This great Spaniard is about to play at LIV Adelaide. Rahm looked at certain shortcomings of LIV Golf that potentially affect the fact that individuals are not interested in following LIV Golf or respect this Tour. 

Although LIV Golf gained a large base after its creation, the fact is that many are still critical of the Saudi-backed Tour. Jon Rahm, who decided to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf, talked about the current system of LIV Golf. The Spaniard believes that LIV Golf managers should consider changing the 54-hole format to a 72-hole format. The great golfer believes that such moves would perhaps restore the trust of the fans.

“I think there’s a level of comfort when I say that because it’s a little bit more of what we’re used to seeing in golf. I came to this realization and I think it could help a lot of fans’ trust in LIV a little bit more because that’s a lot of the complaints that I see from a lot of people.”-Rahm said, as quoted by Stratfordbeaconherald!

A few days ago, Jon Rahm looked at the rules in the world of golf and football, stressing that there is a chance for many successful leagues in both golf and football. He pointed out that although they play under the same system of rules, the difference is in 72 holes. 

The Spaniard played 72-hole events for years on the PGA Tour. Arriving at LIV Golf, it was probably a bit difficult to get used to new things. Rahm confirmed again that LIV is just a business, and that certain things must fit the product. As a golfer, Rahm stresses that his words probably don't carry any weight. 

We will see if LIV Golf leaders will think about changes after such words from Rahm. The Spaniard is not the only one who is part of this Tour and shares a similar opinion. Phil Mickelson, an experienced figure in the world of golf, also spoke about it.

Jon Rahm also referred to tennis, stressing that it is a sport where the rules are mostly the same at every tournament, highlighting there are minor differences between regular tournaments and the Grand Slams. It seems that every organization in the world of sports has the intention of leaving its mark and being notable in something, including LIV Golf. The Spaniard is someone who potentially wants changes but is also aware that every change does not necessarily have to be positive.

“The only sport that I see that does it a little bit different to where they play pretty much the same and then the Grand Slams are different is tennis. Even within then, every tournament or every championship sat same set of rules. That's one of the main reasons why I believe it could help us.”

Jon Rahm at Masters 2024
Jon Rahm at Masters 2024© Warren Little/Getty Images Sport

Jon Rahm emphasized that the LIV Golf Tour bases its product on certain aspects. He noted that LIV is a business and if something does not align with the product, it is difficult to find the right solution. Rahm highlighted that at the top of LIV Golf, there are individuals with good intentions who can assess what could be beneficial for LIV Golf and its future. 

Rahm sent a message to those criticizing LIV Golf, stating that if they attend an event, by Sunday they will forget that only three rounds have been played. Rahm believes that fans are dedicated to the excitement, and their focus is on the performance of the individuals. Players also do not pay much attention to the holes, focusing on achieving the best possible result.

Jon Rahm on the PGA Tour

Rahm is someone who still expresses a desire to compete in PGA Tour events, but currently, that is not possible. He hopes that things will change in the future.

Rahm voiced his interest in playing at various events, including Palm Springs, Torrey Pines, Phoenix, LA, and if allowed, the Players. These are events he would love to participate in.

He also mentioned that he's accustomed to playing 23 to 24 events a year in the past, particularly with his PGA Tour and DP World Tour schedule. He conveyed his willingness to continue playing and even try to participate in the Spanish Open and other events in Spain. He has stated many times that playing in front of his home crowd is his dream.

Given the opportunity, Rahm would try to play as many events as possible within his means. He still aims to perform at the right times and in the right tournaments.

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