Greg Norman highlighted LIV Golf's powerful global impact in a short time

"It's hard to imagine we're basically less than one and a half years into this thing."

by Sead Dedovic
Greg Norman highlighted LIV Golf's powerful global impact in a short time
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LIV Golf has, from the first day of its arrival on the golf scene, emphasized its goals and confirmed its intention to become a Tour that will attract the most attention. LIV Golf leaders have invested a considerable amount of money into this project, intending to be the Tour that leads the way in the golf scene. 

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, is a figure that attracts attention week after week for many reasons. Ahead of another tournament, this time in Adelaide, Australia, Greg Norman has shifted the focus to the globalization of golf. Australia is a country that has not had the opportunity to watch golf much until LIV Golf appeared, and last year it hosted its first tournament in Australia. Greg Norman is thrilled with the progress of LIV and the impact they have.

"It's hard to imagine we're basically less than one and a half years into this thing," Norman said, as quoted by The West!

"And the impact that we've had on a global basis ... in such a short period of time has been extremely powerful."

Norman expressed satisfaction with the success of Adelaide's tournament, highlighting how it demonstrated the potential of LIV Golf.

He elaborated that the event set a standard for LIV, serving as an example for other events worldwide. Norman emphasized the collaborative effort of various stakeholders, including Adelaide, the state government, and the local community, in delivering a successful event. He stressed that this achievement showcased what can be accomplished with proper planning and execution.

Norman has every reason to be excited about the new event, especially since last year's tournament in Australia showed that Australian fans are eager to watch golf, a sport that unites everyone. There will be particular interest in the Ripper GC team, composed of four Australians, with Cameron Smith as the captain.

Greg Norman also addressed the rumors about LIV Golf intending to engage Rory McIlroy. Such news shocked many, as McIlroy's departure to LIV Golf would be a significant blow to the PGA Tour and likely the beginning of something negative. What automatically pleased PGA Tour fans was Rory McIlroy's confirmation that he had never been in contact with LIV Golf officials regarding his departure to this Tour. McIlroy could even soon rejoin the PGA Tour Policy Board, helping this Tour to progress in the coming period.

Greg Norman clarified that during the time period of the dialogue, there wasn’t a single comment made about LIV. LIV never made him an offer. Norman stated that they didn’t feel the need to comment on this. He labeled it as typical white noise in the industry. Norman added that if Rory was willing to sit down and have a conversation with them, they would be happy to do so. This would be the same for any other player interested in joining and playing with them.

This kind of confirmation from Norman certainly ended all the talk about Rory McIlroy and his future in LIV Golf. The Northern Irishman remains loyal to the PGA Tour and has no intention of changing that.

Cameron Smith and Marc Leishman on LIV Golf and globalization of golf

Cameron Smith agreed with the view of Norman, expressing that the Australian fan base is challenging to replicate worldwide. He suggested that by selecting a city or a country that has not seen high-quality golf for some time, LIV can gain international success, especially outside the US due to the abundance of tournaments there. Smith is enthusiastic about pursuing a more international schedule, aiming to attract fans who haven't witnessed quality golf in a while and to showcase what LIV is all about.

Cameron Smith
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Smith is one of those who grabs every opportunity to promote LIV Golf and talk about the advantages of this Tour. Smith is not happy since most events are played in the US. That is not what Smith wants to see. His intentions are for golf to be present in every corner of the planet and for this sport to be further popularized. Smith, just like golfers and Tour leaders, is aware that younger generations have less and less interest in golf, as well as in sports in general. LIV Golf tends to arouse interest among younger populations.

Marc Leishman, who will be part of the Ripper GC team, expects to give his best and showcase his qualities to the local audience. He also wants to see golf in every corner of the planet. The tournament in Adelaide best demonstrates how eager golf fans are in places where golf events are not common. Leishman hopes that the situation will be different in the near future.

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